Rabu, 14 September 2011


Death of DEMOCRACY IN THE LAND OF PAPUA Dissolving Police and Resist set of People Who Want Worshipping

Jayapura-To commemorate the long suffering for the people of Papua, We Worship Committee of the Papuan People's Suffering musings about to do the prayer for the people of Papua in Papua, on Friday 1 July 2011. And for in Jayapura, where the grave of Theys H Eluway. Rallying point for in Jayapura is in Perumnas 3, expo, and in pigeons Abepura at 08.00. while the central rallying point is in the eating Theys H Eluway, as a place of prayer activities performed. because the activity starts at 10:00 at the Tomb of Theys H Eluway, then the other rallying points, gathering required 08.00 hours, until 09:30. At some point such as Expo and Housing 3, prohibited by the police to gather. Later in the pigeon abe, we were arrested by police. We include Marthen Goo, Herman Katmo, Bovit, Yulian and Sakarias Takimai.
Arrest against us is very confusing, because we only come together to wait for vehicle pick-prepared for the committee to the place of worship Worship and submit plans to the people who cross the street in front of the pigeon. There are also banners that we pajangkan inscribed "Prayer and Suffering Renungang Papuan People". Without further ado, the police came and dispersed us and hold us, which we brought to the Office of Police directly under Abe and again to the Police Jayapura for questioning. Arriving there, we asked and we just said "we want a prayer, and we were confused because prayers can only be dissolved by the police". Only in Papua, police dare to dissolve the people of the Lord who will pray. Our notification letter has been input into the regional police, Police, Police Jayapura, 4 days before activity. Our Ko disbanded?
Police have broken the Panca sila point 1, the Constitution, and the Act because disband the committee gathered to ride the vehicle to perform worship of prayer and reflection with this.
We see that this committee is an effort to shut down democratic space in the land of Papua. If the "Prayer" only prohibited by the police, let alone other activities. It was humiliating Republic of Indonesia in international eyes.

By: Marthebn Goo.
Coordinator of worship

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