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History West Papua.

Dutch New Guinea (today West Papua New Guinea of Melanesia) view about the presence of Indonesia
A. The colonial legacy of Dutch New Guinea.
Basically, there was of West Papua New Guinea within the colonial legacy that originally as an island who occupied and settled by Melanesian peoples with cultures and complexion very similar to Papua New Guinea, Salomon Islands, Vanuatu and Fiji. West Papua New Guinea grows with their own identity of inhabitants who speak more than 300 languages which contain more than 200 different dialects. First human settlement of the island of New Guinea dates back to about 50000 years ago. But early humans have passed through the island into parts of Asia and India for several thousands of years. When the world came under the sway of European colonialism, the whole island of New Guinea was divided between the British, German’s and Dutch. West Papua New Guinea came under the Dutch in 1828 which was declared a possession of the Queen of the Netherlands, by the Commander of the Netherlands Army Corps during the ceremonial opening of Fort du Bus on August 24, 1828 at Lobo, Triton Kaimana Bay, and South Coast. And through insistence of the Dutch the Island of New Guinea was divided into two: eastern half is now called Papua New Guinea under Britain/German colonies and the western part was left to the Dutch, it’s called Dutch New Guinea. Between 1900 and 1948, there was a lot of cadastral remapping of the Dutch East Indies Empire. Colonial boundaries were always in the making and political alliances between   countries were never built on stone. We might to know that Dutch have been in control of that empire for about 400 years. Then, both Japanese and Dutch had encouraged Indonesian nationalism for their own purpose. Indonesians or Javanese nationalist movement was under the leadership of Sukarno, and his Japanese ally who exploited and spoiled together this spirit of nationalism to steer away or against –anti Dutch or west. When the Japanese had surrender after the Second World War, the Dutch sought to re-establish their control over Indonesia but a bitter armed and diplomatic struggle ended in 1949, when Dutch succumb to international pressure and Indonesia became independent. Indonesia has to manufacture the consent of its diverse population in a program of unity within diversity. Dissent to this program continues to be expressed in different islands within the Indonesian archipelago including Dutch New Guinea. Furthermore, when the Dutch Eurasian population was growing and increase in Java, the Dutch wanted to use the territory of West New Guinea as a place to resettle its basically  from them which there was ongoing cheapest slogan ideas or propaganda domination as the term of negative cynical images from or among US’s officials and controversial illegal-NKRI’s official had stated and called  or mentioned generally about the dark- black skin people (the Papuan people – of Melanesian descent and dark-black skin race in the South Pacific regions) are still ‘primitive-stone age’ until today particularly for the  West New Guinean people as black- dark skins under white one – European as the old colonialism trading  to the another one as brown of Eurasian population- under the new colonialism. Again, these people of West Papua New Guinea of Melanesia absolutely are not Indonesian people of Malay descent from Cambodia-Yunnan. It was similar tactic ball game- program that Indonesia had played and imitated or use the same way-moment of the idea with the transmigration program in the 1970’s to 1980’s to settle people in West Papua New Guinea, including the smuggling people to Australia even until today. Then, the controversial illegal government of NKRI took over the control the territory of West Papua New Guinea from Dutch since 1960’s and immediately asserted its sovereignty over the territory and its people illegally. It was happening only a few months after the United Nations incepted the Universal Declaration on Human Rights. Again, within a few months after the United Nations incepted the Universal Declaration on Human Rights. Then, a few years later in 1961, the UN will have created its Special Committee on Decolonisation. Despite Indonesia’s assertive claim of sovereignty over the territory of West Papua New Guinea, Dutch continue to try its best to retain control over West Papua New Guinea. Until then, we don’t know whether it was Dutch’s self-interest or their acknowledgement of the right to self-determination, Dutch invested in some education towards trying to build local capacity to prepare West Papua New Guinea for independence. However, this all led to a protracted struggled against Indonesia for some about 12 years or so until 1962 when Indonesia staged a military takeover of West Papua in 1962. During, the Cold War politics, 1962 Indonesian forces pushed out the Dutch by invading West Papua New Guinea. The Dutch and local forces successfully resist the invasion, but when Indonesia turns to Russia for support, fears of a the Pacific Cold World War in Asia Pacific region lead the United States governments to lean on the Dutch to accept Indonesia’s claim. Moreover, In August an agreement is reached in New York between the Netherlands and Indonesia, giving sovereignty over the territory to theUnited Nations Temporary Executive Authority (UNTEA) for a period of six years, until a national vote to enable West Papua New Guinea to decide their own status. It mentioned that from 14th July to 2nd August 1969, there were 1,025 representatives gathered in eight consultative council meetings around the country and they were coerced under gun point and asked in open meetings (not secret ballots) to give their verdict. UN Secretary-General U Thant had reported to the General Assembly that: Without dissent, all the enlarged councils pronounced themselves in favour of the territory remaining with Indonesia. To explain this unanimous result, two annexes were attached to his report. They presented misleading-sometimes wrong-accounts of events before the vote was taken. The UN ratified the Act of Free Choice on 19th November 1969. There were many countries have questioned this Act of Free Choice such as from the Ghanaian delegation to the UN called the process “travesty of democracy and justice. Together with several other African countries, Ghana called for a proper vote on West Papua New Guinea Self-determination to be held in 1975, on the grounds that the New York Agreement had not been properly fulfilled. This proposal was defeated in the UN General Assembly by 60 votes to 15 with 39 abstentions.

B. The presence of the illegal government state of NKRI in the sovereignty state-nation of West Papua New Guinea.

 Since in 1960’s until now, according to Dutch New Guinea’s view that the presence of Indonesia is “ILLEGAL”, because briefly;
The Administrator of Royal kingdom of Dutch’s Government took controlled and administered over two territories; namely:  
Firstly, it’s called the territory of “Dutch or Netherland East Indies” for more than 350 to 400 years, now called Indonesia, and,
Secondly, it’s called the territory of “Dutch or Netherland New-Guinea” for almost 64 years (1898-1962) :( see the pictures of problems over the territory of Dutch New Guinea);
1.     Then, the Japanese took controlled and occupied the territory ofNetherlands East Indies from 1942 to 1945, during within 3 years; Japanese had established Djokoritsu Junbi Kosakai” in Japanese languages or “Badan Panitia Usaha-Usaha Persiapan Kemerdekaan Indonesia” (BPUPKI), it’s called “Indonesia Parliament” was installed, settled, built and led by Japanese for Javanese nationalist movement in Java Island on 18thAugust 1945 only. Indonesia MUST stand and based on the territory of Dutch East Indies now called Indonesia, because it is LEGAL for Indonesia themselves.

2.     After U.S and allies troops had defeated Japanese troops in the West Papua New Guinea at the end of Second World War in the Pacific and South Pacific regions including in the New Guinea island, then on 22nd April 1944, in Ifar-Gunung, Hollandia-Port Numbay(Jayapura), General Douglas McArthur had speech, instructed and  stated that after the Pacific Cold War, all of South Pacific regions should be free and have their Own Rights of Self Government. Three years later, it was followed by the forming up of the Canberra Agreement on 6th February 1947 about the South Pacific Commission or South Pacific community who based and placed in Noumea – New Caledonia. Then, it was said that at the Round Table Conference held from August 23rd to November 2nd, 1949, the status of West Papua New Guinea (then called Netherlands New Guinea), was explicitly acknowledged by Muhammad Hatta, the Head of the Indonesian delegation, who said “...The West Papua New Guinea issue does not need to be discussed because ...Papuan have the right to Independence.

3.     .Without (excluded) from Indonesia, It was LEGAL of the territory of Netherlands Nieuw Guinea, now called West Papua New Guinea.

4.     It was the separation region with the special status such: as the territory of Netherlands Antillens (Suriname) and Netherland Nieuw Guinea. Then, the Royal administrator of Dutch kingdom’s Government had installed, and established the “Nieuw Guinea Raad”, it was an LEGAL acted and called“New Guinea Parliament” as our strength –firm of corner stone foundation of nationhood and democracy plat form of West New Guinea (West Papua New Guinea of Melanesia) that we as West Papua New Guineans, we are still standing and struggling since on 1st December 1961 in Hollandia – Port Numbay (Jayapura) until today.

5.     Furthermore, problems were coming with the conflicts when the case show us that there was a real political context of US-CIA’s role who had participated and played through the controversial role of game with its allied state who pressured and forced out or the exit the Dutch New Guinea administration from the territory of Dutch New Guinea through United Nations Temporary Executive Authority (UNTEA) from 1st October 1962 to 1st May 1963. Then, by avoid the conflicts, US had influenced, forced and controlled the United Nations to accept the New York Agreement. They had forced and pressured the Dutch Government to sign that agreement with the Indonesia on 15th August 1962 to solve the conflict between two countries over West Papua New Guinea’s territory. Then, at the same time, the West Papuan we’re not be contacted and consulted, and for them (US) the New York Agreement was just simply created another problem or conflict of new colonial power with other controversial foreign state of NKRI within Sukarno’s cheapest propaganda. Dutch New Guinean (Papuan) were and still are of the view that Dutch New Guinean peoples had been coerced into an ILLEGAL NKRI, hence had been unfairly within politically treated in the integration process. It could be assumed that there were many people believed the actions of Dutch administration was ongoing averted with the“Pacific Cold War” clash between the USA and USSR in 1950’s and 1960’s with other motivations. There was the illegal resolution which totally violated the international human rights law through “Act of “Free” Choice to Act of “No” Choice for Dutch New Guinean (West Papua New Guinea) in 1969. It was only 1, 025 nearly one million of West Papuan had been coerced and under gun point voted to join to Indonesia. It was a controversial illegal acted by unclear dictatorial foreign state of NKRI created by Ir. Soekarno in 1950. Again, It was under dictatorial military regime who against or anti human rights and democratic society of West and  Dutch New Guinean people, more over it was not accordance with the fundamental rule of law with the principle of International practices “One Man One Vote”. The territory of West Papua New Guinea was one of Non-Self Governing Territory(the Trust and Non-Self Governing Territories, 1945-1999)had not been yet on list or registered in the United Nations Decolonization Committee and then, the political status of the territory was ratified under UNGA resolution No.2504 which was ILLEGAL. It was just a controversial legitimacy who adopted by ‘Eighty four United members states with full knowledge of the facts, breached their obligations under international law’ (Ernie-Lamber-ICJ-Nov.2000),then taken and used by Ir.Soekarno through the cheapest slogan propaganda particularly toward the people of Dutch New Guinea or West Papua New Guinea of Melanesia, and deception to the world globally.

6.     It was an ILLEGAL acted when the United Nations had transferred the administration of West Papua to the Indonesia dictatorial government without a proper referendum being held. At the same, Indonesian dictatorial government had issued regulations; it’s called the President’s Instruction (INPRES) on 1st May 1963 as follows:
Firstly, the territory of West Papua New Guinea was being closed from international communication and forum until today;
Secondly, the territory of West Papua New Guinea becomes an operation of Indonesian dictatorial military zone until today;
Thirdly, Indonesia dictatorial government had being applied the rule of Subversion No.11/PNS/1963 to West Papua New Guinea until today.    

7.     It was a sign of new beginning and the starting point of view with ‘How’ and ‘Why’ the people of West Papua are being suffered too long through the long journey with a turning a blind eye on fraudulent procedure. It was reprehensible by the ongoing spreading action of the dirty political scandals of international connivance and collusions. They created a cheapest propaganda and slogans while creating the long-conflicts, misleading people and covering a gross of human rights abuses including liberalism, colonialism, dictatorial militarism, indigenous marginalization, discrimination, all forms of genocide and destroying or damaging the ecological system natural wealth resources environment under colonial dictator Indonesia government such: as under the colonial rule of special autonomy package within 11 years (1999-2010) as the first fallen edition of the unclear autonomy package in West Papua within almost 50 years by now under suppressive policy of foreign coercive dictatorial- regime state government of Indonesia or NKRI.

8.      Again, since the Second World War, the concept of human rights has attained the status of a global currency with the economical and security interests which has been minted and circulated widely primarily through the work of the United nations which also responsible for promulgating the Universal Declaration of Human Rights in 1948.

9.     On 17th August 1950, Unitary State of Indonesia Republic (NKRI) was changed, formed and created under pressured of the dictatorial military aggression from Sukarno’cs. Then, in 1950’s Indonesia were unstable and threatening from their own shadow dictatorial military aggression of Javanese nationalist movement in Java Island. It was oriented movement to communism and terrorism dictatorial regime era who enter and present in the territory of Dutch New Guinea. Then, during 1960’s and 1970’s there was ongoing a global threat of the ‘Pacific Cold World War’ era. It was continued by the ongoing movement of the ‘cold case of long silenced fate of the sacrificing territory of West Papua New Guinea that given the lucky profit-benefit, firstly; by supporting the scandals of dictatorial Indonesian’s government with an illegal annexation of the territory of Dutch New Guinea,secondly, it was the scandal of the world’s collusion(internationally)with using the dictatorial of Indonesia’s government such; as the Pacific Cold World War conflicts after dictatorial Indonesia regime had signed a US. $ 400 million arms deal with the Soviet Union and other conspiracy of scandals as an act of illegal matter.

10.                         It was an ILLEGAL acted to ugly criminal line of Indonesian first president Sukarno who had against and anti or no respectful of the values human rights and democratic society of West including West New Guinean peoples through the UN-Charter Section 73 parts A and B, firstly: “Declaration on the granting of independence to colonial countries and people” and secondly “ All people have the right to self-determine by virtue of the right they freely determine their economic, social and cultural development”. Then, Sukarno had formed and announced his cheapest propaganda ambition and intention to invade the territory of what we called the territory of Dutch New Guinea on 1st December 1961 and he stated that: “Before the rooster crows, the territory of Dutch New Guinea has to be taken over” by an issue of a decree “TRIKORA” Tri-Komando-Rakyat or the Three Command of the People as a program of dictatorial military through the aggression, annexation and occupation over Dutch New Guinea territory on 19th December 1961 in Yog Yakarta, it was an ILLEGAL acted by Sukarno with the contents are follows:
 Firstly, to prevent the formation of a puppet state of West Papua New Guinea that formed and established by Dutch in territory of Dutch New Guinea. It was an ILLEGAL acted by Sukarno’cs,
 Secondly, to raise the Sang Saka Merah Putih or the red and white Indonesian flag in the territory of Dutch New Guinea. It was an ILLEGAL acted by Sukarno’cs,
 Thirdly, to be prepared for a general mobilization to maintaining independence and unity of the nation’s home land who led by Major-general Suharto to invaded the territory of Dutch New Guinea. It was an ILLEGAL acted by Sukarno’cs.

11.                         Another of Soekarno’s political cheapest propaganda who spoiling up and developed the spirit of Anti - against the Western Democratic society in the territory of Dutch New Guinea globally. It was said that politicians always say Papua is an integral part of Indonesia but they say or express Papuans are the true citizens of Indonesia. This is why Papuans have been killed all the time by military and police for almost 50 years.  It’s called “IRIAN BARAT” - West Irian or “IRIAN JAYA” “Ikut Republik Indonesia Anti Netherland” (IRIAN) or “Come along with or joins Republic of Indonesia Anti or Against Netherlands”, indeed basically the ideas of against or anti human rights and democracy in general including the Western democratic society, and particularly including Dutch New Guinean peoples (West Papua New Guinea of Melanesians) for almost 50 years by now.

12.                         It was an illegal for the Republic of Indonesia which is accepted and become the member of the United Nations... Why...?

13.                         The transfer of the sovereignty to the States Federation of the Republic of Indonesia or Republic Indonesia Serikat (RIS) on December, in the year of 1949 through the pressured by the United Nations and the USA and it was testified by the USA.

14.                         The United Nations transferred the sovereignty of the States Indonesia Federation of RIS to the Dutch Government, and when the Dutch Government had received it from the UN and the Dutch Government had studied its contents of carefully of the sovereignty of the States Federation RIS, the Dutch Government had transferred the sovereignty back again to the States Federation of the Republic of Indonesia.

15.                        Why the Republic of Indonesia was accepted and become the member of the United Nations...?

16.                        Was it a greatest deception in the body of the world organization up till now and transgressed the International Law...?

17.                        Was the former Secretary of the United Nations before U-Than became the Secretary of the United Nations, not review or re-observation on this matter? or were they all blind?

18.                        Was the former Secretary of the UN not investigated or re-examine the documents of the countries that had obtained their Independence and Sovereignty which are kept in the office of the UN...?

19.                        So that, it was not the States Federation of the RIS became the member of the UN, but on the contrary the Republic of Indonesia (RI) are member of UN, why...?

20.                        Was not a great error or mistake of the UN till today...?

21.                        We would like to the UN to observe or review of this mistake and took harsh measures against the Indonesia Government which was intentionally changing the proper structure of the UN to the false structure that caused suffering and oppression up till now against the nations which is living in the former or ex-Dutch subjugated territorial.

22.                        Based on the violation of the International Law and the greatest deception of the Indonesia Government up till now, we hope that the UN should review and re-observe the Dutch New Guinea case, to set free the Dutch New Guinea territory nation from the colonization of the Indonesia dictatorial Government because it was an illegal act.

23.                        The Proclamation of RI Independence on August 17th, 1945 at Pegangsaan Timur number 56 in Jakarta was resembled a realization from the meeting together with Ir. Sukarno, Drs. Moehammad Hatta, Dr. Radjiman Wedyoningrat and Marsekal Terauchi, the theatre Army Commander of all South East Asian in Dalat, South Vietnam on August 9th-August 14th, 1945,  which extended the instruction of the Japanese Government about giving the Independence for Indonesia when BPUKI and PPKI have been ready with preparation? Based on this, the amount of the young Indonesia (PETA) requested to Ir. Sukarno and Drs. Moehammad Hatta to proclaim the Indonesia Independence on August 17th, 1945.

24.                        And if we take a note of the text of the proclamation of the RI on August 17th, 1945, it was true that the text had been touch with the discussion in Dalat South Vietnam from August 9thto August 14th, 1945. Then, it was said that when Indonesian representatives met with Japanese officials in Saigon on August 12th, 1945, Mohammad Hatta declared that Papuan to be a Negro Race of Melanesian Descent who should take charge of their own fate. Ir. Soekarno proposed that Papuans were too primitive to be involved in formation of the independent nation of Indonesia.  It is more confusing because the text of the Proclamation meant, it had no based on the law and not based on the will of Indonesia people. And because of this matter, we demand from the President of Indonesia Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono to give the responsibility in connection with various falsification and deceptions which are causing others nations who are living in the ex or former Dutch subjugated territorial to fall into the depth of suffering and structure of injustice, because remember that the truth is not belong to the humankind, but the truth of Heaven and Earth is belong to the Almighty One God. The Proclamation of RI on August 17th,1945 was not only making perplexing because of not based on the Law and it was not sure or baseless, but it caused more trouble and the type of such proclamation has no form or formless.

·        It was LEGAL that The Proclamation of the Dutch New Guinea (West Papua New Guinea of Melanesia) Independence firstly, it was signed and based on “1st December 1961, secondly, it was signed and marked on“1st July 1971”, thirdly, it was signed on”14th December 1988”, and the fourthly, it was signed on“27th of November 1997” in foreign soil (overseas) are belong to the rights of the people of West Papua New Guinea of Melanesia legally. Republic of West Papua New Guinea of Melanesia’s independence was basically supported and based on United Nations Charter Section 73, parts A and B, UN-Resolution No.1514 (XV) December 14th, 1960; that: firstly “Declaration on the Granting of Independence to Colonial Countries and People” secondly: “All people have the right to self-determination by virtue they freely determine their economic, social and cultural development”. It was based on the declaration of independence by regions and nations who are yet self-governing, as outlined in the resolution accepted by the 15th United Nations plenary sessions, September 20 – December 20, 1960.

25.                        We wish to ask the President of Indonesia Sosilo bambang Yudhoyono on what base and what reason did “Dutch New Guinea’s nation (West Papua New Guinea of Melanesia)”, “Maluccas nation”, and “Aceh nation” and all the states which are in a Federal System included in the power controlled by the Indonesian dictatorial Government (RI). It was based on the book of the criminal code of the RI declared on September 29th, 1958 as the only book of the Law for the RI.

26.                         Why did RI expand its power to reach out and touch the entire of the ex former Dutch subjugated territorial which is known the words “Dutch East Indies” namely from Sabang to Merauke...? We hope that Indonesia leaders Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono must have the responsibility of this case.

27.                         There is a term of “PK 3” means: firstly, it is the transfer oroccupation of the sovereignty, secondly, it is the aggression-against the sovereignty, thirdly, and it is the annexation and defence of sovereignty over the former Dutch subjugated territorial including Dutch New Guinea.

28.                        The transferred of the sovereignty to the State Federation of RIS was exactly on December 30rd, 1949 on the pressure of UNCI and USA to the Dutch Government. The Dutch Government had transferred the sovereignty to the Government of RIS, according to the charter’s plan of transfer of the sovereignty from the result of the Round Table Conference on Nov 2nd, 1949 in Ridderzaal at the city of S’Gravenhage Dutch, article1:1, and 3. Then, at the Round Table Conference held on August 23rd  to November 2nd, 1949, the status of West Papua (then called Netherlands New Guinea), was explicitly acknowledged by Muhammad Hatta, the head of the Indonesian delegations, who said, “... The West Papua issue does not need to be discussed because ... Papuans have the rights to Independence”.

29.                        The aggression against the sovereignty done by Ir. Soekarno the President of the Federal Republic of Indonesia (RIS) exactly on March 7th, 1950 in the capital city of RI in Yogyakarta according to its status QUO, which acquired on the Renville’s agreement on January 17th, 1948 and Linggarjati Agreement. This crime was done by Ir. Soekarno, to destroy the whole structure of the Constitution of the State of Federation of RIS who had its independence and sovereignty. This action of the President Ir. Soekarno was a bad–ugly action of TERRORIST – SEPARATIST who against an independence and sovereignty countries  in the sphere of South East Asia, and in the territory of  Dutch New Guinea (West Papua New Guinea of Melanesia) in the South Pacific in 1949, namely the States Federation of RIS. In the States Federation of RIS are consist of 16 States in a Federal system included RI, with its status        acquired from the resolution of Renville on January 17th, 1948 and had the joint of the declaration of intent known by saying that “Charter or Agreement” from the plant of the Constitution of the States Federation of RIS in 1949.  This reckless action caused the States Federation of RI loss its sovereignty automatically, and so, how could that sovereignty be regained?

30.                         Is it true that the RI which is the separatist able to create its own sovereignty? We wish to know how the RI acquired its sovereignty. Is it right? Or by using the system of manipulation and sabotaged in a manner of International?

31.                         Was it not by destroying the sovereignty of RIS by Ir. Soekarno the ex former President of RIS on March 7th, 1950 in the capital, Yogyakarta.  Was it not mean, that; the RI also lost its sovereignty? Apparently the RI had posses its sovereignty, and so where are those 15 States in Federal System which have the same right and with the same declaration of intent known by saying: “Charter of Agreement” found in the pages 56, 57 from the plan of the Constitution of RIS in 1949?

32.                           We claim the responsibilities from the President RI Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono and his staff cabinet and all the falseness. Then, based on the today context that “The 1945 Constitution done by RI is  as the Law of Separatist and as the Law of Terrorist and the false Government Indonesia is a greatest dangerous with the Criminal and Terrorist state”in the world today.

33.                        Finally, as we know together that the foreign state government of NKRI desire to resolve the issue by opening a dialogue because the International community is being concerned about the issue of systematically genocide and violence in the territory of West Papua New Guinea. We assumed that the purpose of dialogue in order to maintain the dignity of Indonesian people and the people of West Papua New Guinea. Moreover, we as West Papua New Guinean see a dialogue as a means of resolving case from differences but foreign state government of NKRI (Jakarta authorities) see it in different perspective, others words its beingcomplicated. This is a historical moment of facts that cannot and must not be placed under the carpet; but it should be an openly debate, negotiation through a peaceful dialogue between West Papua New Guinea and the foreign state government of NKRI through the strength credibility of third party (International) mediation.


Ex-Political Prisoner (1989-1999) Dutch New Guinea (West Papua New Guinea of Melanesia) who had been persecuted and oppressed under the suppressive policy- dictatorial of Soeharto regime of illegal foreign coercive state government of NKRI.

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