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POLICE INDONESIA (Brimob): Shot DOMINIC TEKEGE in Obaike, Okomokebo Village District Waghete Deiyai-PAPUA Indonesia

Police Indonesia (Brimob): Shot DOMINIC TEKEGE in Obaike, Okomokebo Village District Waghete Deiyai-PAPUA-INdonesia
Dominic Tekege Brimob shot in Obaike, Komokebo Village District District Waghete Deiyai.

Chronology of events:

Dated October 4, 2011, 0800 wp, Dominic Tekege going to tell the PT. Modern materials are being taken in the village Obaike. Dominic wanted to convey that material eksloitasi by PT. Modern has gone through a red stakes that serve as the boundary Mariterial exploitation. Exploitation act of passing a red peg, can lead to landslides that disrupt the residents who surround the garden spot of material exploitation. Some community members had indeed been handed the land to PT Modern for dredge material.

In the morning, Dominic Tekege visited the exploitation material, and said that PT Modern materials should not be exploited through a red peg, if not honored, PT Modern please move to another location for the dredge material. Without compromise, two members of Mobile Brigade used by PT. Modern as security, a direct shot at the calf, and causes the victim (Dominic Tekege) immediately fell to the ground.

Looking at the victim who had been lying helpless, the PT, the Modern with the two actors immediately evacuate victims to the hospital General Uwibutu, Madii, Paniai. Until this report is lowered, the victim is still guarded by skinfold by police officers, so families do not have access to visit the victims.

Victims of identity
Name: Dominic Tekege
Age: 20 years
Occupation: Farmer
Religion: Catholic
Tribe: Mee.
Shoot wound in the calf.

Paniai Mobile Brigade who served in the district and placed special Deiyai as sekurity PT. Modern

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