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Opinion About Special Autonomy in Papua-Indonesia

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World must know that development acceleration Unit Formation Papua and West Papua (UP4B) by Jakarta style and Indonesia manner for lethal original person aspiration Papua. Also increase problem above problem other even kill original person Papua by development acceleration at land of Papua. Therefore we (People original of Papua) asked dialogue between Indonesia and Papua.

Report in West Papua-Indonesia

Part 1

Special Autonomy (Otsus) Fail: Papua Necessary Independent
by Fr. Santon Tekege, Pr

Law UU No. 21 year 2001 (UU. No. 21/2001) about Special Autonomy for Provinsi Papua given. Gift UU Otsus that is as Indonesia government answer towards the hoisterous of independence demand, marked with venus bunting or Bintang Kejora Flag at several regencies at Papua since year 1998. Demand reason, follow government, caused by development wisdom failure (Theo Van Den Broek, et al: 2003: 164) so that Otsus given as answer to finish conflict Papua. But, True that government evaluation? One of the best road to finishes all conflicts at soil Papua pass road: Dialogue between Indonesia and Papua.

In this article me wants reflections how far problem at Papua caused by development failure? Is it possible that there problem other more fundamentiel than development failure? What Otsus answer problem Papua or on the contrary? How does solution necessary taken in finish conflict Papua. This questions will be our discussion focus here.

Otsus Fail: Violence Then Happen At Papua
" Offer kernel Otsus for Provinsi Papua" , write theo et al, " created from official opinion that blooms and publication by government official circle that problem at Papua take root from fail it development wisdom at area" (ibid, 164). Besides Otsus also given as conception on appearance demontration and venus bunting at various regency at Papua during 1998. Offer otsus to Provinsi Papua also be based on government opinion not may be disturbed to accuse, that is Papua be integral part from republic of Indonesia unity state (NKRI). Inspiration other from offer Otsus be national wisdom that must operative for all Provinsi in Indonesia. All this be brainchild base from gift Otsus to Provinsi Papua.

Intention good goverment` to give Otsus to Provinsi Papua be matter very positive. But for me wrong if Otsus given just for finish conflict Papua meredusir as development failure. Government evaluates that that conflict at Papua come from development failure. Thereby the logic because development failure, original person Papua demands independence, marked with venus bunting or Bintang Kejora Flag? This government evaluation is appear with very clear when UU Otsus implementated at Papua.

For me, UU Otsus apparently identical with money. Otsus money, so that almost every year fund trilyunan rupiah take autside to Papua. Society always enthusiastic get fund liquefaction Otsus. Fund Otsus that given that is the total by dozens. For example, fund estimation Otsus from year 2002 up to 2007 each; 1,2 quintillion (2000, 1,3 quintillion (2003, 1,4 quintillion (2004, 1,5 quintillion (2005, 1,7 quintillion (2006 and 3,2 quintillion (2007). So full scale fund estimation Otsus to Papua since year 2000 up to 2007 as much as 10,3 quintillion. (data source: diocese bulletin manokwari-sorong no. 33/september 2007, matter 42; see also footnote from article bisei: 2007: 18-19). Fund so much this is not yet counted with fund estimation Otsus year 2008 and 2009. Fund quantity that given to Provinsi Papua and Papua West looked at as efforts to prosperous original person Papua development failure consequence above. In short because development failure, fund Otsus must more many be given to properous original person Papua.
although problem at Papua caused by development failure, Otsus self not success properous original person Papua. The real since Otsus operative, society economy growth exactly decreased dratis when compared with economy growth before Otsus. Follow LIPI economy growth year 1995,1996,1997,1998 achieve 20,18%, 13,87% 7,42% and 12,72%; while economy growth after Otsus implementation in the year 2002, 2003 2004, only achieve 8,7%, 2,96% and 0,53%. (widjojo: 2009: 14).

While fund Otsus take aut side to Papua very tall not yet counted money processer institutions non-goverment and PT, CV, and project big. But the real poverty very tall at Papua. Poverty level very tall this is by bisei called as absolute poverty and extreme. Has absolute because main matters (basic needs) that is wanted for alive continuance almost insatiable. The example happens hunger disaster at several regencies at Papua like Tolikara, Yahukimo, Jayawijya, Puncak Jaya and Paniai. Well-being obsolence that evoke various disease that sufferred people and mortality rate enough tall. Has extreme because people backwardness Papua in the case of process low erudition consequence technology, illiterate number height, limited craft and minimum skill. To cultivate batural resources, only use muscle energy and erudition existencial that bequeathed to them (bisei: 2007: 18). therefore actually poverty at Papua has absolute and extreme this be a repression form people curb Papua to out from alive condition bad more and hence demote degree and people dignity Papua to points inhuman (ibid).

So if conflict at Papua only reduced into development failure, so Otsus clearly fail prosperous original person Papua. When Otsus fail prosperous original person Papua, so independence demand never finished, because they are not yet prosperous. finally conflict even also will not ever finished. Independence demand and venus bunting or Bintang Kejora Flag even also will not stop.

But for me conflict at Papua bot merely caused by development failure, although development failure is one of them. Conflict at Papua more in history problem and nation identity Papua. Integration history problem and nation identity is problem base that push incidence efforts for independent. So when central government can finish integration history problem and nation identity Papua, so independence demand Papua may be can reduced even not again happen. Formulators UU Otsus doesn't pay attention this fundamental problem. They estimate that conflict at Papua caused by development failure and ignore fundamental side from conflict Papua.

This matter is proved that is in a period of execution UU Otsus even also, violence towards people Papua happen. Violence wasior 2003 that sacrifice 4 person and case wamena 2005 killed 9 person be conflict root strong proofs at Papua. Besides almost every moment we hear, see and read in also newspaper that happen violence action is done by country security side to original person Papua.
violence that undergone by people Papua since Papua integrations with NKRI for 1 may 1963 also be form other potential conflict at Papua. Military operation from year 1965-1969; 1969,1977; 1981-1985; and continued year 2003-2005. (bdk neles tebay: 2008; 133; 2009: ) all this is actually show about problem root at Papua. Country politics consequence violence towards people Papua causes then demand existence for independent and venus bunting or Bintang Kejora flag.

Bot merely country politics consequence violence, but also appreciation undercommunication on original person dignity Papua passes ekspesi their culture. Culture cultural factor very spirit original person life Papua. Prohibit them to not indicating their localism simbols, mean doesn't appreciate them. A peace activist at Papua in a discussion about ham, he commented " Indonesia government doesn't want to pay attention brothers Papua but gold Papua". Mean willing to energeticing person Papua less cared by Indonesia government, but that need from Papua gold or wealth treasure. In short person dignity Papua as cultured human by government, important for government gold and the nature wealth.

Appreciation undercommunication towards original person dignity Papua is seen clear with prohibition existence to doesn't use symbols, localism simbols that aim in wholeness threat NKRI. Bintang Kejora flag symbol in bags (nokeng), clothes, hat, be one of the rumors example that evaluated to threaten wholeness NKRI. Besides almost at all government offices and project PT, CV, and project big private is dominated by person non-Papua. Original member Papua only stands as onlooker because they are incapable of compete with outsider member. At economy area, outsider member superiorer than original member Papua. One of the example concret seed in market Youtefa where most of all store and commodity place is occupied by outsider member, temporary mammas or mothers original Papua only commodity above of land. They also many commodity at figure veranda or ruko. This fact shows attitude existence marginalisasi on original person Papua. Attitude marginalition this supported by Indonesia government passes transmigration program that import many people from outside Papua. (bdk bless: 2001: 40). Autsider class arrival will causes attitude existence feel inferior from original person so that they will be shifted to city hem. So key problem at Papua bot merely lay in development failure but also integration history and nation identity with marginalisasi original person Papua. Thereby inferential that Otsus fail to finish conflict Papua. Failure Otsus in finish conflict Papua, for me, be real proof that Papua necessary independent.

Papua Necessary Independent
Purpose Papua necessary independent doesn't mean quit of republic of Indonesia unity state (NKRI). Papua necessary independent because Otsus given free to provinsi Papua, but problem at Papua still then happen. Problem then happen to show existence `not neat` in execution UU Otsus so that Otsus called to fail. `Not Neat` in execution Otsus caused by not yet perception sameness existence between Indonesia government and original person Papua in finishes conflict Papua and honour undercommunication towards dignity humanis person Papua. Two matters fundamentalis this is not yet payed seriously so that Otsus given but doesn't finish problem.

First: Not yet perception sameness existence between Indonesia government and original person Papua in finishes conflict Papua. Indonesia government estimate that conflict at Papua can be overcome to pass to approach security. Therefore during Papua berintegrasi with NKRI happen military operation on a large scale at Papua. At least found twenty operation military at Papua since 1 may 1963 up to now.

Aware operation is first operation that is begun year 1965 and two year then. Second operation is called operation Brathayuda year 1967 and gulp victim around 3.500 person. Third operation is called Authority operation that done since year 1969 and gulp soul victim around 30.000 soul between year 1963-1969.

Operation fourth carried out at regency Jayawijaya year 1977dan cause 12.397 member Papua pass away. Operation fifth known as operation sweeps me I and II year 1981, gulp soul victim at least 1.000 person at regency Jayapura and 2.500 person at regency Paniai. Year 1982, happen sixth operation that is known operation looks me I and II, causes killed thousands soul. Operation puts to be operation seventh and go on between year 1983-1984.

Year 1985 happen again operation sweeps that known as eight operation. in eight operation at least 517 souls kills by TNI and burnt around 200 houses. Binth operation is done at Mapnduma year 1996, causes 35 person Papua pass away, 14 womans is raped, 13 churches is botched and 166 houses burnt, temporary 123 civil members dieds disease consequence and hunger after resque self into forest.

Year 1998 Papua west as military operation region (DOM) is pulled by Indonesia but chase towards class separatist Papua continued. Therefore operation tenth done year 2001 at regency Manokwari and causes 4 person kill, 6 person experience torturings, 1 woman is raped and 5 person lost.

Between April until November 2003 happen again operation at Wamena. Operation at Wamena this be operation eleven. at that moment army dominates entire areas, retard church group access and humanity worker to give aid during go on it operation. finally 9 person pass away, 38 person experience torturings and 15 person caught without clear reasons.

Year 2004 happen operation twelf at glorious top regency that causess 6.000 from 27 villages resques self to forest, and 35 between belong 13 childrens dieds at evacuation champ that built there. Entire closed regions to humanity workers (Tebay, 2005: 5-6).

Here appear clearly that conflict completion Papua pass to approach security never finish conflict even problem increase. But Indonesia government opinion that conflict at Papua when does class separatist been spent. Therefore aim from operation that done by military remove original person Papua that is assumed separatist by Indonesia government (ibid, 6).

Perception a kind of this is never import peacefulness for original person Papua. Because it society permanent will look at government as colonialist and murderer. In short, existence a original member fear to juxtaposes self with government manifestasi pass military. Finally government goodwill to powering original person is not responsived positive. Original member will look at government goodwill as efforts to will spend them. One of the example concret Special Autonomy (Otsus). Since Otsus given to Provinsi Papua, happen pro-dan contra between original member Papua self. Most of original member frowns on “Intention good government itu”. For member, Otsus only a kind of “politicies candy” Indonesia government, to go away member from problem base at Papua.
from original member side, existence a kind of unbelief towards government. When does government cope to prosperous member, member looks at `intention good government it` as efforts go away them from various suffering memory in the past. Member always gaze at each other negative towards government is succumbed government wants to help them. Society negative idea will start from experience suffering whom they are natural and feel during through years. Therefore bo wonder when is member unanimous to return Otsus to Indonesia government.

Therefore for me, must perception sameness existence between Indonesia government and original member Papua. One of the form concret to build perception similarity that is pass dialog. Essay book Dr. Neles Tebay “Dialog Jakarta-Papua: A Perspective Papua” be one of the solution up at that. In short, must dialog existence Jakarta and Papua so that detect categorically what problem fundamentalis that at Papua. Thereby problem at Papua be finished well, fair, democratic and prestigious.

Second, if dialogue has been begun, so must honour existence towards person humanity dignity Papua. Person humanity dignity Papua during through years trampled with military operation existence above. Will realize of this thing, government offereds Special Autonomy for Papua to also respect level and their dignity. But during UU Otsus carried out, violence towards original member Papua even also still not desists. UU Otsus carried out with validly in the year 2002 but in the year 2003 happen violence at Wasior and year 2005 at Wamena. Case Wasior 2003 killed 4 person and case Wamena 2005 killed 9 person. This fact is braced again with existence various violence kind, intimindasi, terorism that in all the years used UU Otsus.

Attitude likes this show existence not honour towards human dignity. Level and human dignity because policies reason can be treated unjustly and human. That side can do action without considering towards weak side. Therefore attitude respects and appreciate another person humanity dignity necessary respected.
Attitude respects and appreciate bot merely to human merely, but also their culture. problem that appear very often caused by appreciation undercommunication on their culture value. Custom value before now regulate coexistence, so that everything ambulatory fluent and good alive preservation each self also well guaranted group (broek, 2006: 8). But now all change. Society culture value has been replaced with government nationalism wish. Struggle for example MRP (People Assembly Papua) to make Bintang Kejora flag and bird simbol mambruk be flag and person culture simbol Papua received by pp no. 37/2007 that prohibit separatist simbols use as culture simbols and region (widjojo, 2009: 32).

Thereby, when does perception sameness existence between Indonesia government and original member Papua passes a peace dialog and honour, appreciation, towards human and their culture, problem at Papua can be finished well, fair, democratic and prestigious. To equate perception between Indonesia and Papua pass road: Dialogue Indonesia and West Papua.

Dialogue with West Papua Leaders Urged
Wednesday, 11 November 2009, 10:50 am
Press Release: East Timor and Indonesia Action Network
Chairmen Faleomavaega and Payne Call on Indonesian President to Establish Dialogue with West Papua Leaders
Dr. Lisa Williams
Washington, D.C.
The Chairman of the Subcommittee on Asia, the Pacific and the Global Environment, Rep. Eni Faleomavaega, along with the Chairman of the Subcommittee on Africa and Global Health, Rep. Donald Payne sent a joint letter [] to Indonesian President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono today calling on him to create an internationally-mediated commission to establish a dialogue between the national government of Indonesia and the leaders of West Papua.
In the letter, the Congressmen noted that dozens of prominent leaders and organizations in West Papua, as well as key Indonesian leaders and intellectuals support such a dialogue, which would be analogous to one successfully held in Aceh province. The letter urges the Indonesian President "to seize the opportunity provided by these developments to establish a similar process for West Papua."
"We believe that such a process would build on important steps Indonesia has taken in recent years, such as [Indonesia's] accession to the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples. In becoming a signatory to that agreement, Indonesia clearly expressed its commitment to establishing legal protections for indigenous citizens, including Papuans." the letter states.
"A national dialogue initiated by an internationally-mediated commission could work to improve enforcement of that law and better the daily lives of average Papuans by, for example, increasing the availability of electricity and fresh water, enhancing public health programs to prevent malaria and other treatable diseases, and upgrading the public education system to levels found in most of the rest of Indonesia," the letter continues.
"A national dialogue would also present an opportunity to resolve other important issues in West Papua long viewed with concern by Members of Congress and the international community. These include human rights abuses, demographic shifts leaving many Papuans as minorities in their own land, limits on freedom of speech and peaceful assembly, restrictions on the free movement of Papuans within Indonesia, and constraints on international journalists, researchers, and those in nongovernmental organizations seeking to visit or work in West Papua."
"It is our sincere hope that you will establish an internationally-mediated commission to initiate a dialogue bringing together nationally-respected leaders of your government and of West Papua. We believe this is the moment to begin such a process. A serious national dialogue will enhance the welfare of the people of West Papua, demonstrate Indonesia's commitment to democracy and justice for all its citizens, and enhance your country's growing stature on the global stage," the letter concludes.

UU No.21 Year 2001 about Special Autonomy for Provinsi Papua given. One of the gift reason Otsus caused by development wisdom failure. Because development failure reason, fund Otsus given millions Rupiah but in reality Otsus fail prosperous original person Papua. Meanwhile conflict at Papua then happen. This fact shows that problem at Papua bot merely kerena development failure factor but integration history and nation identity, country policies violence, and marginalisasi original person Papua. Thereby Papua necessary independent. Independence Papua must quit of NKRI. Also independent in perception sameness existence meaning between government and original society Papua and appreciation existence towards original person dignity Papua as cultured human. Therefore the important step best and all at once as solution passes road dialogue Jakarta-Papua by finish all conflicts at soil Papua-Indonesia. Dialogue is the best in West Papua for finishing conflict all problem. Yes, we (are West Papua) like Dialogue Indonesia and West Papua.

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Fr. Santon Tekege, Pr
HAM Activist West Papua
From Diosesan of Timika-Papua-Indonesia

Part 2
Special Autonomy: Opportunity or Illusion?

by Fr. Heribertus Lobya, OSA
In this opinion is more focus in special autonomy at soil Papua. Two important aspects that be thought according to critical that is two keyword: opportunity and illusion to realize implementation policies autonomitation at soil Papua. Besides, be explained also why is autonomy special given by Indonesia government to Papua.

1. Special Autonomy for Land Of Papua
Special autonomy that designeds by Indonesia government implementation at soil Papua born from original person aspiration Papua to separates from Republic of Indonesia Unity State (NKRI).
Because, special autonomy presence at soil Papua impresses to push. Such the things of, also done without serious. Many happen humanity problem, social and culture doesn't get serious attention. While aim implementation special autonomy law Papua no 21 year 2001 to finishes various problem that at soil Papua.

Since implementation year 2001 up to now 2011, there is no local government serious attitude to realizes special autonomy ideology for Papua. Money that given abundant ruah, but not welfare original society Papua. On the contrary, phenomenon very appear at Provinsi this, that is at shopping center verandas, there small fry that be beggar, there also many young mens Papua that became "tax" in place taxi stopping place, and may even exist young men Papua drunk and creat atmosphere not safe. When deal with this phenomenon, there sadness deepens at heart. This special autonomy of Papua, when original many people Papua that be victims from that Indonesia government politics?
When do we genuinely to reflection a original person alive change movement Papua that be victim implementation special autonomy at Papua, so we shall ask to what special autonomy a opportunity? or illusion?

2. Is Autonomy Special Papua a Opportunity?
First, true that special autonomy Papua a opportunity for central government and region. Opportunity for central government that is when does person Papua want independent from NKRI, central government applies special autonomy forcibly and not serious. With this law existence, original person Papua supposed doesn't voice area independence echo Papua. But, that government hope obvious can not muffle original person aspiration Papua. At moment government doesn't run special autonomy law seriously, that independence voice returns to echo.

Second, special autonomy Papua also give opportuny to officials at centre and at region to get money abundantly should be given for original society Papua want so much.

Third, special autonomy also give opportunity to creat small fish class grafters and class kakap. This opportunity is of course borns from shock money. Mean, officials either in also at startled region see money so much at soil Papua.

3. Is Autonomy Special Papua a Illusion?
I don't know realized or not by original person Papua, that them at is placing by centre good government and region in a illusion world. Original person Papua will be aimed by government in a hope will live in abundance. Really hope that abundance there, but is not feeled by original person Papua for prosperous alive. More than that, special autonomy a adoption from culture cargo cult. Will mean freight mythology a alive story that narrate about original person hope Papua alive atmosphere in a condition of with galore wealth. Appropriate direction implementation special autonomy law in Papua, there adoptian cargo cult that happen in old world in person life Papua. Therefore, hereunder be elaborated a little description about special autonomy connection and mythology cargo cult in original person life reality Papua.

First, Indonesia government knows that original person life pattern Papua always relies on culture. Therefore, government uses culture as media to discredit original person alive quality Papua that cultured human. When is person original Papua want independent, government give special autonomy so that that aspiration can not materialized. Appear that is law UU No. 21 year 2001 has mitologis cargo cult. Mean, original person Papua agree money so much but they don't feel it. In special meaning, only give appearance promises to person Papua.

Second, when is autonomy special given by Indonesia government, original person Papua not critices well, is politics this good or not. They are even get without realize impact from this special autonomy for their life. When is there new problem there cognizance from entire original persons Papua that this politics have no use for their life. In special autonomy certain meaning at soil Papua has two positive impacts and negative in the field of social and economy.

4. Positive Impact Otsus Papua
a. In the Field of Social
In special autonomy era at Papua happens a original person life development phenomenon Papua. Mean with discovery existence between culture Papua and culture outside Papua, original person Papua aware that is obvious there differens from physical aspect also psikologis. Person Papua even also out for can alive compete according to well with person from area outside, that is person Bugis, Buton, and Makasar that impersonate mobile in economics life aspect land of Papua. Really necessary realized that person presence Bugis, Buton, and Makasar in special autonomy era at Papua in certain perspective gives which are positive impact, that is happen a change very visible in economics systems. Phenomenon other that them even also inch by inch can accustom self with new environment, mean can border on alive one who never be seen previous.

b. In The Field Of Economy
Really necessary realized that person presence Bugis, Buton, and Makasar in this special autonomy era, in certain perspective gives which are positive impact, that is happen a change very visible in economics systems. With their presence is city face Jayapura may be formerly found only amount of slum and dutch colonial product round zinc house, now change with building amount of good storey building ruko, stores, ciosks, cafes, supermarket, saga mall, mall cloud, and amount of wholesaler very pride. This change, bring impact for way of thinking change to increase economics alive. Despitefully, also class aborigines can realize and learn from them that to increase economy must there efforts use to chance with try while learn to dare to carry on a certain for economy competent and can to compete with outsider person, not alive relaxes.

In class special autonomy era migran very blooms in economy aspect is caused by them alive with mutual compassionate and mutual help in good the group in life with and in economics carries on to build ciosk, store both for little also big and there also commodity around sells children toy and vegetable with fish in number very many. Of course they have ability in work and in the case of finance that support alive welfare hope whom they hunger for. What done by class migran this be challenge for bative in this special autonomy era, so that aware and can try with as strong as intelligence to chase lagest and carry on alive welfare.

Doesn't forget also that in this special autonomy era, original person papua should learns from person migran related to economic expansion attitude at Papua. Person migran peculiarly person Bugis has alive opinion that is tallu cappa, with the meaning three ends. Person Bugis interpret first end as tongue end, used to communicate with good and true, so that interesting sympathy one who hear it. Furthermore end penis that used in context marries good also aborigines man to get wealth. While last end dagger end that used to protect self from danger.

Original person Papua even also has philosophical culture benefit for development lives in special autonomy era. Supposed that original person Papua can compete with outsider person, so that there is no jealousy and social suspicion between class outsider with original person Papua. When does that hope materialized, so Papua be land and peace house for all Allah Creation Creature.

5. Negative Impact Otsus Papua
a. In The Field Of Social
The middle of original person life situation in Papua discovery marked with migran from outside Papua, of course be created gap. Situation such will aim in potential the happening of conflict. Because every group either from original person Papua self also from side migran has philosophical concept develops special alive. Possible that when class migran want to develop the alive as according to potential that has certain will emerge social jealousy from original person papua, so also on the contrary. Example concret i hear and direct natural, when reside in port Jayapura and occupant very solid; there original person Papua that says like this; ones aut people come by this ship makes ship and this road is narrow. This statement is a phenomenon that person Papua doesn't want to removed from the soil and this also be a social jealousy phenomenon certain it fly high.

b. In The Field Of Economy
Based on common sense deliberation that is in this special autonomy era, in perspective person presence economy Bugis, Buton, and Makasar bring negative impact, that is related to economy systems whom they bring and applied in Papua, so that influential towards aborigines class life that inspire and apply how relation in different economics context. In meeting situation between two different economies systems this, there a under the way situation that that in customer and there also in rivalry not mutual beneficial. Fact not good in customer that is seen in person manner Bugis, Buton, and Makasar build store or even also kiosk. They look as if do a kindness for bative so that sell the soil to them at the price of very cheap. On the contrary, rivalry fact doesn't beneficial that is when does bative sell their commodity, at moment that is person Bugis, Buton, and Makasar buy it at the price of very cheap. Moreover, if person Bugis, Buton, and Makasar that sell their merchandise, if price that consider lowest there is no dicker.

Their presence also botch scenery amount of city at Papua. Papua erstwhile, now is changing with rubbish quantity intersperse at also at main road hem and alternative road. This situation happens because development amount of big building by class outsider and government berorientasi in capitalism economy indisposed and botch aim configurations city Jayapura beautiful and well.

6. Otsus Papua, Opportunity At The Opposite Of Illusion
Politics Otsus at Papua a phenomenon that must reflection manifestly in original person fact papua. Otherwise reflection will evoke problem that can discredit person life value Papua. More than that, at one politics side otonomitation land in Papua even also give various opportunity for central government, local government, original person Papua self, and member Papua that and live in this bird of paradise land. At one side various this opportunity beneficials but misery other party. Thereby, special autonomy politics is a alive mysterious for original person Papua. Here's beginning step, when can we that special autonomy a illusion.
caracteritas ilusian from this special autonomy starts from first government attitude spawns law Otsus, without considering the risk. Furthermore, original person Papua even also drowsy and nostalgian with various appearance promise on the market by central government and region. Original person Papua is made quiet by bureaucrats with money promise never feeled.

More than that with politics existence Otsus at Papua original person Papua also not diligent again garden. They are glader work and compete to be official at amount of government office. Reason that be basis for detect their willing is this because mitologis special autonomy that gives hope abundant alive.
Original person Papua forgets that their nature is abundant ruah with that the wealth for descendants later. But, on the contrary they don't felt concerned with their nature, but sit under special autonomy offer. They don't return into their nature wealthy. they are shut-in in circle Otsus that built by Indonesia government. So, when is person original Papua not dizzy again with nature, so don't be amazed many forests is botched by amount of company plywood and may even exist illegal logging very concerning.

There also original person Papua not again dizzy with their soil. Example concrit that can displayed at shove bative sell soil without considering their descendants future that stills to need soil for residence. Mortallyer again soil that sold is not used to develop alive quality, that is with building house and child education cost, but used to srewed day and evening. This be obstacle that must be realized and caused inch by inch.
Is person original Papua ready for get and can run special autonomy message well? Based on person alive fact Papua, special autonomy existence whoes that has opportunity? Or special autonomy Papua, whose illusion? All this can be answered and understood when we are reflection live as human Papua well, true and intact. With reflectio every day, we can realize meaning from special autonomy Papua. Is autonomy this have a meaning good or bad?

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Fr. Heribertus Lobya, OSA
Student University STFT-Fajar Timur, Abepura, West Papua-Indonesia

Part 3

Special Autonomy (Otsus): Disaster for People Papua
by Fr. Ponsianus Kupun, Pr
Special Autonomy (Otsus: Otonomi Khusus in Indonesia) Papua borns from" conflict" undergone by entire peoples Papua. Violence and human right infringement, injustice, welfare inexistence and various problem land of Papua. Gift Otsus seen as one of the alternative and central government a middle course to responsive people demand Papua for independent, get out of republic of Indonesia unity state (NKRI). There various struggle that done by person Papua in this country to demands their alive rights.

Spirit Otsus entrust local government to conduct democratic government order, transparent and responsible in society welfare enhanced sketch Papua pass rights taking base person Papua. The mentioned happens not only from economy side, like welfare enhanced, but also enhanced social life, society rights acknowledgement, protection and enforcer human right, sense of justice existence to all HAM infringement victim, good politics service quality and effective.

But, all point of views that built only live idea. By law Provinsi (Perdasi) and special by law (Perdasus) that is made by government not yet visible to surface. society stills poor permanent. Human Right (in Indonesia: HAM) infringement happens everywhere. There is no democracy that can be used to dialogue between government and society Papua.

World more bloom, area Papua unfoldment be provinsi, regency and districtss. Many people arrive to look for alives under the sun Papua. Person the impact Papua self more experience degradation at various life area. Hence, "special autonomy is said as disaster for person Papua" . So from that is the important to finish all conflicts and problem pass road: dialogue Indonesia and Papua.

Is that Autonomy?
Autonomy comes ari word auto, mean self and nomy that appear, etymologically relate to economy. From word origin can we comprehend that autonomy mean to run economic activity self. If looked at from this definition reality rather logical because what is going on in autonomy regulates economics (life fairy) self. In bureaucracy language or public administration, autonomy often association with decentralization that is administration wisdom and country management centrally distributed with region.
Special Autonomy is seen as central government power centralization towards person Papua. Self-supporting concept a while ago played role big. Mean that society can self-supporting economical, culture social, policies and law. But, reality that, authority that given during the time limited, because all decisions is regulated and controlled systematically from centre, Jakarta.

effect of wisdom model like that, bring consequence that is region dependence in central government and development generalization inequitable. Based on explanation above so pass special autonomy law no 21 year 2001 gives vast authority and specific for person Papua to regulate the ladder house.

That Troubleshoot
If we watch closely development that at Papua this has strong impact towards society life in creats alive welfare. In run wisdom, government impresses not yet change because they still to head towards long patterns inappropriate again with demand and society change.

Condition from a good government transparency existence, people participation, democracy and akuntabilitas to society towards government program that done with that development result. The mentioned is hope and yearning from society. Difficulty gets development information and transparency inexistence makes apathetic society and doesn't care again with various development efforts.

At one condition side such can not be let off hand. Society must be pushed and fasilitation to do social control towards their policies rights to gets a good service. There is no change significant in structure and government culture, causes society doesn't enjoy service and pickings in an optimal fashion. development projects decision inclined be government importance than society, society participation in course of decision making impresses low. And all determined from on, power holder.

This condition causess only be onlooker and penerimah development result, without participation existence memadai, so that there is no sense of belonging. Economy life rest, social, education for society under doesn't experience enhanced. From year to year their life doesn't increase even more difficulter in fulfil alive need, because goods price more expensiveer at market.

Society that live far at villages above the ground in a state of all because development touch undercommunication. Limitedness that meant limitedness in the field of education, and rights at well-being area. Bot to mention, in moment Otsus this is ham infringement problem completion stills to experience pasang-surut, so that original society papua not satisfied. Therefore, Otsus not see as something that brings change, but bring disaster for all people of Papua.

Analysis Towards Life Aspects
1. Education
Education as important sector in builds human Papua intelligent and have a certain quality. Education is strategic area necessary gets attention seriusly from government. Education that meant here not limited to intelectuality with academic accomplishment, but farther must creat intelligent human and virtuous good character. In rank and concept like that, so education not only only seen in narrow education paradigm, but pay attention also social structure and society culture in the dependability with local wisdom values lives in society Papua.

If education paradigm that mentioned above conection with amount of education program exist in Papua, so there are plenty more problem necessary repaired. Education troubleshoot that till now problem brokens off school. There many examples that can be found child case for example element school (Sekolah Dasar: SD Insoensia) broken off school in Asmat-Papua and still many again. Education system at outback regions less get attention seriusly, especially teacher energy, tool and also bad school administration. Besides a part society isolir and not yet can read.

In a watchfulness that done by university student Paradice prove that number partisispasi pupil Element School: Sekolah Dasar: SD in Papua only 86% be national percentage 96%. Besides, various wisdom and government service at educational not yet seriusy, like teacher payment not the same degree, teacher have a certain quality doesn't intend to work at outback region, less appreciation hadapa teacher profession, teacher housing facilities at village less and limited operational infrastructure tool.

There various problem that, especially in the field of education, but government closes eye towards various realities now happen before very eyes. How with Otsus for Papua? Person more question the existence. What Otsus present as solution to resque society papua from danger? Otsus exactly bring people lethal disaster Papua.

2. Well-Being
Service in the field of well-being even also experience destiny same, especially service base for society Papua. If we read at various media or experience it directly most of society Papua when does ill go berobat at home ill closest, because easy reached and relative cost rather low. That principal choice because the limited hospital and doctor energy. Troubleshoot that jut in well-being service system since law no 32 year 2004 about government system, special for regency and city in Papua has authority self in regulate structure and official location in also medical energy. In consequence of this authority, found official head at regency absolutely not from well-being education background. Thereby well-being management and wisdom that taken bot many give contribution for completion various well-being problem exist in the region. For example, in APBD can not be budgetted fund for medicine distribution so that medicine that canalized by provinsi in the end can not be canalize to hospital. So that when is there patient that hitted disease lethal go to hospital there is no supley medicine so that person final died.

We can see diarrhea and vomiting epidemic case example at your valley, regency dogiyai that gulp victim 125 person. Fact can be example that medicines canalization at amount of place not yet ealisir well. In law UU No. 21 year 2001 paragraphs 59 verses confirms that: (1) Government Provinsi, Regency and City decides standard citizen well-being service quality; (2) Government Provinsi, Regency and City prevent duty and overcoming endemic diseases that endanger citizen alive continuance; and (3) Every Citizen Papua Justifiably get well-being service as referred to in article 1 with society load rock-bottom.

Virus HIV/AIDS assault many aborigin Papua. How perealisasian wisdom Otsus towards troubleshoot? Case HIV/AIDS that we can not blame whoes. Government must prepare tool and infrastructure to build patients either through body, psikis, spritual. Related to virus said in wiki, 2007 epidemics HIV/AIDS in Papua present in standard that worry about. Up to june 2006, prevalensi case HIV/AIDS achieve 2.703 highest case in Indonesia moment that. Two year after it, in quarterly ii, june 2008 case totals HIV/AIDS rise far be 4.114. Appropriate document that collected public health service Provinsi Papua up to quarterly iii or per september 2008 increase to be 4.305 and in 2009 then increase far. Based on this document can be estimated that citizen Papua in 2020 will experience extinction. This matter is biggest disaster. Be question now how with wisdom otsus in the field of well-being? What Otsus bring change or disaster for people Papua?

3. Economy
Kernel from economy aspect everyone Papua can eat and drink. But, is that thing realize with existence Otsus? Interesting, one of the Mee tribe expression that is mobu, translated according to harafia mean full or satisfied but also fullness. Mean in abundance either through also spritual, where there is no member temporary wealthy there other member bawl hunger and disaster death because various disease. This situation shows there a group little society that has many while a part society lives in deficit. Still many people Papua one day eat once, place live it only board, water for need everyday only asked from neighbour. Often sickly and other as it.

Fact other dangerous at urban affairs markets, local tradesman commodity at floor or land, while tradesman other get table and commodity place better. Clear that this matter is very beneficials for the man who get table and strategic place to commodity so that well guaranted relative the economy income. Bot to mention original mammas or mothers commodity place Papua is removed by government. Then, they this want where can? Temporary among government happens corruption on a large scale. Society papua even also question also international exist in papua. There pt freeport, but poverty stills bump into original society Papua. Gold-mine that produced thousands of ton per day where can? Citizen Papua bot at all feel kesejahteraa. With poverty, many cause disease among others bad nutrient in mother and child, busung hungry and other as it. Bad nutrient case example such as those which happens at Yahukimo.

4. Human Right (HAM in Indonesians)
If we are membeca from various media prints exist in city jayapura this and or ourselves watches direct at field stills to happen HAM infringement towards human Papua. Even be problem very intimate with human Papua. There many problems that at this land and leave person heart painful history Papua when at behold to return rear. HAM infringement case likes prolific case bleeds (1998), case Abepura (2000), case Wamena (2000), case Merauke bleed (2000), murder case Theys (2001), case Wasior (2001), case Wasior (2003), case Wamena (2003), case Abepura bleed (march 2006) and other as it. Happen poure and catching without because at dormitory Papua among others boarding house dormitory NINMIN, IMI AND YAWA, ridges student university property middle.

Various this HAM infringement case make society can not make anything for fear of. Society Papua not free and " independent" because if voice truth and justice always evaluated separatist (OPM: Organitation Freedom Papua: Organisasi Papua Merdeka). There various stigma that given to person Papua like “you are black person, curl hair doesn't sold out” . This matters makes bative Papua always felt doubt alive at this soil because always is haunted by have cold feet.

HAM infringement cases that at Papua this expire off hand, without there rule of law. Law enforcer at Papua very weak in handle HAM infringement cases. Case its proof actually can get handling swiftly but be made twisty. Impress that person humanity problem Papua seen by Indonesia likes problem towards a animal. Born it Special Autonomy also doesn't give one sumbangsy both for nation child.
Meanwhile tejadi here and there person custom soil rights infringement Papua. happen illegal logging at various place at Papua, management and forest utilization by also in region less pay attention child life aspects Papua especially culture values. Povernment doesn't pay attention impact from enter it investors towards person life Papua.

Spirit Otsus give birth to to give birth to people assembly Papua (MRP) as honai person Papua. Where MRP protect right entire persons Papua begin from Sorong-Merauke. But, that hope is become appearance. MRP fail to handle child troubleshoot Papua. Then, person Papua go where? To whom? HAM infringement even also then roll, victim even also then fall victim. Person Papua still then cry.

Where Welfare Location For Original Person Papua?
Welfare here has vast explanation. Welfare has been interpretted as an situation fullness entire human life needs. Either from economy aspect, education that ambulatory well without obstacle existence, well-being that can be handled well and security, so that person can live in safe situation that and peace. With action all lifes hinges, so will give harmonic life, with ownself, fellow and with nature. welfare size visible from situation.

Situation above be hope and aim always hope by everyone Papua, but that hope be appearance because every child papua can not reached for all that. From formerly until now, difficult situation and painful always shade person alive Papua. Various problem above always undergone by person Papua. This matter doesn't want to describe that person Papua want to run from problem, but problem that faced person Papua this too heavy. Therefore, person Papua hanker after harmony situation existence, peace above land of Papua.

Explanation above explain that in the field of education stills found various problem and special autonomy can not finish problem in Papua. Such also in the field of economy inferential also that society experience “crisis” and from well-being area and human right (HAM in Indonesian) happens similar matter. Special Autonomy character at one side gives impact posistif that is happen city development, but at one side is spook that bring disaster for original person Papua. Little man more suffer, while elite class more happyer.

Special Autonomy borns from problem that faced by person Papua. Autonomy be be seen as an strategy that transmissible person Papua out from problem directed. But, is not such. Special Autonomy exactly makes original person Papua more suffers. Therefore, said that special autonomy brings disaster for original person Papua. Thereby the important dialogue Indonesia and Papua for finishing conflict all in West Papua.


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Fr. Ponsianus Kupun, Pr
Student University STFT-Fajar Timur Abepura-PAPUA-Indonesia
From Diocese origin Merauke-Papua

part 4

Phenomenon Otsus: Solution That Problem

by Fr. Alexandro F. Rangga, OFM

Every 21 Novembers, Otsus celebrate to repeat year it. We are even also join in to commemorate it. But in confusion, anger bated even question mark; when Otsus adult? Maturity Otsus can not quit of instruction and the old person development. Not Seriusly parents in this case government is seen from commitment undercommunication, love, demureness in bring up Otsus.

While we are all know, Otsus be fruit loves central government and region. Became see behaviour Otsus can be guessed to 'love' them love eros. Desire to has and defend status quo be umbrella NKRI. For that they are more like to cover that the deficit with narrow Otsus only in money without managemenent good finance. Then appear people Papua childishness; depend on outsider, reguest until can what like (usualy money, function) quiet new. Clear all aim in be slave at country self.
look in the mirror in fact above, this article wants to operate with analysis knife how far phenomenon otsus as a appear solution as solution that Problem.

Phenomenon that's that be studied to will peel blindness cloves and indifferent towards society papua. Sure to come to in why Otsus looked at as solution that problem. Thereby, this article doesn't want to answer question Otsus: Solution or Problem? but want mencuat alternative solution so that otsus not again looked at as solution that problem and troubleshoots at Papua can get bright points.

1. Phenomenon Otsus: Solution That Problem
Phenomenon be be interpretted as matters that can be watchinged with the five sense and explicable and evaluated scientifically. Besides also indicate in thing, insident that interesting attention or incredible in character. Second this phenomenon meaning be used as frame to will explain phenomenon Otsus itself.

Otsus as insident that interesting attention or incredible in character unanswerable. Since thought, planned, discution, appointed, and impelementation land of Papua, Otsus interesting attention many sides. Not only society attention Papua, Indonesia government but also world attention. Magnet otsus so big because economical author Otsus born as solution on problems at soil Papua not yet and not complete. Starting from this fact is not wrong if otsus is said as solution that problem.
phenomenon Otsus that explicable and evaluated scientifically may be if" that is statements about phenomenon must be limited to statements about intentional acts. "Therefore we analysic phenomenon Otsus as" intentional acts "(intentional action) with" intentionality" doesn't threaten in "a certain" but in country as entitas, in this case Indonesia government. That intention is visible in three important problems that is history distortion, HAM infringement, and lame development. Lame development gives Otsus.

1.1. History Distortion
" Don't forget history," such one of the President statement Soekarno famous also be one of the important figure in PEPERA year 1969 in Papua. Statement Soekarno in line with people memory Papua their past experience especially experience suffering or they are that suffer (memoria passionis) consequence various distortion that in person history Papua.

History distortion most element distortion PEPERA 1969. In 5 aprils 1961, dutch government inaugurates and strong council West Papua for representation duties with legislatively. Then in 18 Novembers decides country attribute Papua that is national anthem" hey my land Papua" , venus flag or Bintang Kejora, Papua West as wilyah country with dollar currency New Guinea as official currency. Mean according to de facto Papua independent. Temporary acknowledgement de jure new be given in the year 1970.

In range of time that's, integration history distortion Papua into NKRI happen. Especially in the year 1969 on the happening of PEPERA. Anomaly visible in people 'deputy election Papua only 1.206 from 800.000 people Papua with the fact that all chosen or indicated by Indonesia government. Bot to mention intimidation that done moment election uplift 'deputy's so that there is no alternative besides choose to joint forces with NKRI. This matter be truth unanswerable and keeped quiet. "the truth can never be defeated: Sufficient proofs indicate West Papua's integration into axis Indonesia morally, legally democratically fraud unjustifiable, background and progress report: On the campaign for 'a un internal review of its conduct in the act of free choice 1969 in west Papua, the West Papuan peoples representative office (wppro), Port villa, the Republic of Vanuatu, December 2004”.

History distortion and memoria it important for development forwards. He will be pelecut because will born from experience real yearning exemption disaster or humanity danger. Thereby present day and that time is understood as liberation to be more good, in this category creation "Papua peace land" .
1.2. Human Right (HAM in Indonesia) Infringement
HAM infringement at Papua born from existence various importance quarrel with potentially conflict that. Importance quarrel especially between Indonesia government and society Papua that stamped separatist or the sympathizer. One by NKRI, other by independence. Finally appear various HAM infringement especially towards civil society by tni. Various infringement many in all Papua with tall intensity. Majority infringement is problem because done without accusation existence, without compensation, with apparatus action not humanis. besides, all HAM violence forms done systematically since 1 May 1963. Many people Papua that kill, caught, tortured, and another injustice forms that aim in genocide.

Based on facts undeniable that is HAM infringement potential land of Papua still tall. This matter is maked by potential itself conflict that is: " 1) Differing Political Aspirations, 2) Misuse of Official Position and Authority, 3) Confusing Governance, 4) Suspicion between Ethnic and Tribal Groups, 5) Suspicion between Different Religious Groups, 6) Socio-Ekonomic Disparity, 7) Loss of Common Spiritual base, 8) Draining of Natural Resources”. For that both parties vitally, in this case Indonesia government and people Papua or the deputy sits with dialogue. A talking point in the first place past reconciliation aims mind bodily injury convalescence memoria passionis.

1.3. Lame Building/Development
Visible development lameness from existence gap between wealth Papua with condition Papua in this time. Papua by anttonio figafetta called islade oro or gold island by becoming biggest contributor towards bational income especially via PT. Freeport Indonesia. Not yet counted another batural resources. But up to moment Papua be provinsi second destitute in Indonesia. Many childs Papua doesn't go to school and especially difference in so many life area.

This conditon is by indonesia government menyiasati with given special autonomy for provinsi Papua based on uu no 21 year 2001. Unfortunately there impression that is Otsus mean money. So flow moneys to citizen pockets papua. But because is not supplied with good finance management, all that moneys is around i don't know where. Then person papua come up to return originally; poor and neglected at soil self. Then we ask; wrong who? Or question positiveer; task siapakah this? the answer MRP. But pity work plan mrp up to now still not yet effective. For that as person cultural delegation institution papua, MRP not only be honai, person aspiration person place papua heard and act continue but also be front in struggle rights base original person Papua.
2. Alternative Solution
In principle, otsus be solution, but solution that problem. So that return intrinsically as solution, so existing problem necessary is finished beforehand. Alternative solution is thought in sketch otsus. Otsus as fruit loves indonesia government and local government necessary pay attention the aim that is original person papua.
kemendesa attention all sides especially second side (indonesia-papua) make Problem Otsus necessary innovated today in context TODAY; Trust (Belief: Kepercayaan) make both parties can to cooperate. ketakpercayaan person papua performance Otsus that make Otsus returned via dap (custom council papua) in, 12 augusts 2005. Belief gives Openess (Keterbukaan), ability to open self, lift to problems surface exist in Papua to talked about. From it Dialogue (Dialog), in it there attitude listens and appreciate one another with undo importances egoistik. Book builds dialogue Jakarta-Papua give clear description in this context. Such dialog shows attitude Acceptance (Penerimaan) in attitude mutual respect what be right and duty each. Acceptance element acknowledgement error in the past mengores memoria passionis in person collective memory Papua so that will intertwin sincere reconciliation. Final creation Yearn and Hope (Rindu, dan Harapan) that hanker after belief enhanced so that openness more biger, dialogue more deepen and acceptance one another sincereer aim Papua peace land.

Three problems mendasar above make possible us see how far otsus be solution that problem land of Papua all at once space to laid to return Otsus as itself solution. Otsus only one of the matter that colour various problem at soil Papua. But, he has influence very vital because concern keberlangsungan original person alive Papua under the sun this bird of Paradise.

"Stupid parish, useless to call the name of god. "This sentence is attributed to simile priest komba by army that number ten person at villages Parabaga at Piramid-Wamena as one of the sekian many violences at Papua during period 1998-2007. If mempelintir a little statement can sound; "stupid writer, useless to write about Papua's problems”. After all not the useful, about truth, justice and struggle welfare must permanent funnel. Clear the purpose so that voice of the voiceless is voice of us.

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www. westpapua. net

Fr. Alexandro F. Rangga, OFM
Student University STFT-Fajar Timur, Abepura-PAPUA-Indonesia

Reporteur Special in West Papua

Fr. Santon Tekege, Pr
Group Struggle Justice and Peace in West Papua -Indonesia
Jl. Yakonde Padangbulan Abepura West Papua
Call: 085244522433
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World must know that development acceleration Unit Formation Papua and West Papua (UP4B) by Jakarta style and Indonesia manner for lethal original person aspiration Papua. Also increase problem above problem other even kill original person Papua by development acceleration at land of Papua.