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Floods and Landslides in city Jayapura of Papua since 23-25 January 2013


Jayapura Papua - heavy rain falling on the city of Jayapura since Monday (23\/1) to Thursday (24\/1) morning caused flooding in a number of points. There are at least 50 houses and submerged Church 1. In fact, 9 houses badly damaged in the region Doc VII and VIII. One person was killed as a result of this disaster.

The Data was successfully collected Cenderawasih Pos in BTN Social Dok VIII above, Jayapura District North of the disaster, avalanche happened upon the family Fransisko H Hitjaubessi (34), which resulted in his son died buried in the ground.

A landslide that hit the family home Francisco makes his wife Kusiati (34), Firdayanti (40), brother of the wife of the homeowner, injured his right hand. Child victims, Nadia SHJ died underneath the ground. Marsya only (3) that managed to survive.

Meanwhile, mudslides and flooding disaster in Dok VII, resulting in 9 houses were badly damaged and around 50 houses and submerged Church 1 flood. There were 9 homes badly damaged family experienced Yeni Simanjuntak (44), Pem Abraham (80), Erwin Wanma (20), dawn of the Wanma (19), Wanma Yuda (65), Bud Ayomi (28), Felix Fadwa (65), B Napitupulu and House members Polsek KPL Dadang Aiptu K.

About 150 personnel from the national police Brimob and TNI SPN and 100 from Kodim and Zidam as well as heavy equipment and 1 car pemdam City-owned Fire Department were deployed to help evacuate residents.

Papua Police Publicist Kabid Kombes Pol I Gede Sumerta Jaya said, disasters landslides and floods caused by the heavy rain falling on the city of Jayapura, about a day last night. "In Doc VII, in addition to flooding, soil and stone slab from a height of 100 metres fell to housing residents. So about 9 houses suffered damage, as well as approximately 50 homes and 1 Church inundated, "he explained.

From the information obtained, the incident at around 01: WIT. One witness B Napitupulu explains, the sound of rumbling from the top of the mountain to sound, and it looks from the window of his house had been buried by the river and shortly thereafter hit the ground bogkahan her house.

"After our data, in the Dok VII, no casualties, only victims of property which is currently not yet tapsir. And this time we were with the TNI and Government as well as society, jointly opened the line of the River, so that the water recede, "he explained.

While the events that occurred in Dok VIII above, that hit the family home, further Fransisko I Gede, destroying 1 home and killed 1 person and 1 son his family wounded. "The incident occurred at 18: 39 IT, then witnesses heard the sound of a landslide at the back of his home, then check out the witnesses to back his house and heard his wife and two of his sons and one of his family for help because her home was buried by a landslide," he explained.

After successfully in evacuation, the victims buried in the ground and found Nadia does not animate. While the brothers and his parents escaped from the brunt of the mighty landslide. "In addition to the dead, 12 people were also wounded, affected by mudslides and it's been in the hospital," said I Gede.

The Mayor of Jayapura Benhur Tommi Mano together would look directly reviewing the location of landslide disasters and floods that occurred in the Dok VII and VIII. The Cenderawasih Pos Mayor uttered were grieving over the disaster that befell their citizens Dok Dok VII and VIII. "This is a disaster, I guess we all don't want it. And I am quite concerned about this accident for details on the encounter in a landslide and flooding in DOK VII. 

Report in Jayapura Papua


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Lawyer For "Freedom Fighter" Seeks More Time To Prepare in West Papua

Lawyer for 'freedom fighter' seeks more time to prepare Save

Gerard Michael Little, the disability pensioner who claims to be a Colonel in the West Papuan freedom movement, has had his case adjourned for another month.
The Victorian grandfather did not appear in the Brisbane Magistrates Court where his lawyer Lauren Phelps asked for time to take instructions from Mr Little after the Crown delivered "two volumes of material" to her office on Wednesday.
Previously, the Crown prosecutor had described the case against the Tynong North resident as "overwhelming".
Magistrate Jacqui Payne granted the adjournment and set the case down for another mention on February 22 in the same court.
Mr Little, who was considered a flight risk and previously refused bail in December, will not be required to appear.
Mr Little allegedly had dreams of leading West Papua to freedom from Indonesian authorities and had spent time in the Crimea region of the Ukraine, training with a group called the "International Law Enforcement Training Agency".
He had allegedly offered his services to the West Papuan freedom movement.
He was arrested boarding a plane at Brisbane International Airport on December 4 after a multi-agency sting which had investigated Mr Little after he began to post his plans on Facebook.
Crown prosecutors allege he had plans to enter West Papua undetected through Papua New Guinea to take up the fight.


Monday, 14 January 2013 11:33 AM

Indonesia Brutality towards West Papua "medieval" - PFF

PFF, Rarotonga, COOK ISLANDS -- Killing, beating, abducting and jailing journalists in West Papua remains the most immediate issue in regional affairs, states the Pacific Freedom Forum.

Wrapping up its fourth year of advocacy, PFF chairs said that ongoing suppression of freedom of expression under Indonesian rule often involves violence against news media.“Well documented allegations of killings and torture depict medieval levels of brutality by Indonesian security and ad-hoc militia forces in West Papua”, says PFF chair Titi Gabi.
“Ongoing violence against citizens makes a mockery of Indonesia pretensions towards democracy, adherence to international law, and the peaceful majority of the world’s biggest Muslim nation.”
“There is also concern over Indonesia security forces infiltrating Papua newsrooms and planting fake stories”.
PFF endorses calls from October by the Pantau Foundation and the Southeast Asian Press Alliance for Indonesia to uphold the right of citizens to freedoms of speech, to end violence against journalists and to prosecute those responsible for violence.
In November, PFF joined IFEX, International Freedom of Expression Exchange, in a 23 day campaign against a “culture of impunity” surrounding those in authority across the region.PFF co-chair Monica Miller said concerns also include a “culture of silence among partner news media across the islands, as well as Australia and New Zealand, when it comes to sensitive issues like West Papua.”
Miller praised an upturn this last year in media attention on West Papua, notably via state broadcasters like Radio New Zealand International and Radio Australia.
“After a decade or two of focusing mostly on Fiji, it is welcome to see metropolitan media including newspapers address much bigger concerns in West Papua,” says Miller.
“Yet many articles lament the lack of public awareness about serious events happening on our own doorstep.”
“Clearly there is much more that could be done, including not bowing to political sensitivities that deem West Papua to be outside the Pacific Islands region and of concern only to Indonesia.”
Reporters Sans Frontiers ranks Indonesia at 146th place, on a list of 179 nations followed by the press freedom body.
PFF also expressed concern about assaults and threats against journalists in Papua New Guinea and other states across the region.