Selasa, 22 Januari 2013

Lawyer For "Freedom Fighter" Seeks More Time To Prepare in West Papua

Lawyer for 'freedom fighter' seeks more time to prepare Save

Gerard Michael Little, the disability pensioner who claims to be a Colonel in the West Papuan freedom movement, has had his case adjourned for another month.
The Victorian grandfather did not appear in the Brisbane Magistrates Court where his lawyer Lauren Phelps asked for time to take instructions from Mr Little after the Crown delivered "two volumes of material" to her office on Wednesday.
Previously, the Crown prosecutor had described the case against the Tynong North resident as "overwhelming".
Magistrate Jacqui Payne granted the adjournment and set the case down for another mention on February 22 in the same court.
Mr Little, who was considered a flight risk and previously refused bail in December, will not be required to appear.
Mr Little allegedly had dreams of leading West Papua to freedom from Indonesian authorities and had spent time in the Crimea region of the Ukraine, training with a group called the "International Law Enforcement Training Agency".
He had allegedly offered his services to the West Papuan freedom movement.
He was arrested boarding a plane at Brisbane International Airport on December 4 after a multi-agency sting which had investigated Mr Little after he began to post his plans on Facebook.
Crown prosecutors allege he had plans to enter West Papua undetected through Papua New Guinea to take up the fight.

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