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A War between Indonesia Military and TPN/OPM

A War between Indonesia Military and West Papuan Liberation Army in Paniai, West Papua
International Forum for West Papua (INFO_WP)
December 20, 2011
Fourteen Paniai residents died as National Liberation Army of Free Papua Organisation (TPN/OPM), the second division in Eduda Hill headquarter and 47 villages in the area were burnt down by the Indonesian security forces last week.
The brutal attacks that started on December 13 have been conducted by combined Indonesian Police Mobile Brigade unit (BRIMOB), military and Indonesian police of Anti-Terrorist unit, Detachment 88. Five helicopters have also been used to support the attacks.
It resulted of displacement up to 542 civilians in the area. They have moved to Enarotali, Paniai district capital, and other 10,000 residents escaped to the jungle. Three women died: a two year old Otolince Degei was killed on December 9, and Yulimina Gobay, (4) and Anna Degei (47) were also killed on December 14.
“This brutal attack is a violation of human rights” said Papuana Mote, the Women Affairs Coordinator of International Forum for West Papua (INFO_WP). “They need to be protected from any cruel and brutal acts.”
The Australian government is responsible to the attack, as both Australia and United States of America have funded Detachment 88. The Detachment 88 is responsible to the killing of freedom fighters and innocent West Papuans
Amatus Douw, President of INFO_WP, said “guerrilla war between Indonesia and West Papuan freedom fighters will not end until there is a third party intervention”. “I have direct contact with the commander of TPN/OPM, John Yogi who told me that they are ready to fight against the Indonesian government to get our independence. The TPN/OPM calls international peace keeping force and UNs fact finding team to monitor the situation”.

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