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Repor about Congress Third Papuan Indonesia

Repressive and brutal TNI / police disperse the congress of the people of Papua III

Leaders and Participants 300 people arrested Papuan People’s Congress
Interogation papuan people
JAYAPURA – The combined forces of the army / police had to disperse the Papuan People’s Congress (KRP) III which took place on the soccer field Zacchaeus Padang Bulan, Abepura, Jayapura, Papua, on Wednesday (19/10) at around 15:30 CDT.
The dissolution of the joint force by the authorities after the KRP III resulted in the collective agreement as set forth in the declaration form the new state of the Federation of West Papua, the government has even set by appointing Forkorus Yaboisembut, S. Pd as President and Edison Waromy, SH as Prime Minister.
Before dissolution, the implementation of the KRP III safe and orderly progress. In the implementation of such a process of negotiation and the prime minister’s presidential election. Once the agreement is approved, then the number of the statement finally announced by the declaration and stating Forkorus Yaboisembut, S. Pd as President and Edison Waromy, SH as Prime Minister.
Selfius Bobii KRP III as Chairman of th
appointing Forkorus Yaboisembut, S. Pd as President
e Committee in his press statement saying that the people of Papua through KRP III has declared re-declaration has ever d
eclared by the National Committee of Papua on October 19, 1961.
“So right now even 50 years wandering the nation of Papua and West Papua people express today we want to restore the lost paradise, even we want to restore the peace that once lost,” he explained.
Stressed, the nation of Papua commitment was made at this time and the people themselves who finance themselves from the villages. “KRP III is purely financed by the people themselves, thus the decision that came out today is purely Papuan people of the nation and therefore through the KRP III stated that today (yesterday, red) we have been sovereign,” koarnya.
In that effort, it will take the path of political and legal channels. For that, through the KRP III it would recommend International Perlementarians for West Papua (IPWP) and the International Lawyers for West Papua (ILWP) to oversee this process in the international world.
In addition, it also will enroll dekolonikasi commission so that the process is running and the next two years the United Nations recognized the sovereignty of the nation of Papua. In fact, it also asks the international parties and a neutral state that the nation of Papua have been ready to negotiate.
Therefore, all parties including the army / police, TPN-OPM restraint because the new state of the nation state of Papua returned ready to negotiate, so it asked the United States and neutral nations to mediate because it was ready to negotiate.
Asked about follow-up of the declaration of the results of KRP III decision, Selfius Bobii add, of course, officially it will submit to the Government of Indonesia and then to the international world that the legal process can walk through annexation lawsuit and the legal process.
While Chairman of the Papua Customary Council Forkorus Yaboisembut, S. Pd revealed that this activity is a continuing process of KRP I and II, even gold is even 50 years KRP III implementation.
Admittedly, the difference in the KRP I just issued a manifesto, nationality, while for the KRP II only a few recommendations and agenda, while occurring in KRP III decided completeness Papua state that has not been decided on the KRP I and II.
“Today we take back the sovereignty of the state legally and de facto annexed. What happened this year have already ratified the constitution and the federal states of West Papuan nation, then there are the government, its currency and adopted the declaration,” he said, who was appointed as president by KRP III.
Next to the process forward, it will not hit the wall and will take the legal process, therefore, will be held and recommendations to ILWP IPWP as an independ
Militer siaga
ent advocate to advocate for countries to support.
In addition, it will forward the dialogue or negotiations with Indonesia so that it wants a good cooperation as an independent and sovereign state. “We will build a good cooperation as two independent and sovereign state,” he said.
Similarly, Edison Waromy, SH explained, regarding the birth of a new country, then Indonesia has provided space in Papua. In addition, the presence of KRP III is a victory of democracy in Papua and Indonesia, because the democratic space opened. “Jakarta do not judge us as a separatist but is a nation and state are equal because the state standing requirements is the existence of government,” he said.
Meanwhile, the city of Jayapura police chief, Adjunct Senior Commissioner. H. Imam Setiawan, SIK explained that the forced dissolution of KRP III and arrest of leaders and participants KRP it is because the KRP is a process that recognizes the existence of violations of state law on the country legally.
“The arrested include Forkorus Yaboisembut (president), Edison Waromy (prime minister), Selfius Bobii (committee chairman), Dominic Surabut and 300 participants,” he explained.
Military (TNI / police) malakukan dissolution plus a number of people catching up to 300 people more, “he said.
In this brutal action papua found two people have been killed allegedly hit by police bullets as much grain as the forced dissolution of the Papuan People’s Congress in Field III Soccer Zacchaeus, Padang Bulan, Abepura, Jayapura, Wednesday, October 19, 2011.
Mayat 2 korban saat insiden
Victims on behalf of Melkias Kadepa found around 16:00 pm CDT on the estate behind Resort Military Command Headquarters Jayapura about 300 meters from the lakasi kogres. “Victims of adult males. He allegedly shot dead
The bodies had been placed in the hearse with police numbers there ACP DS 5665 10:45 CDT return a resident’s body was found, wearing only underpants, while the blue shirt was found not far from the position of his body. Bodies are also included in the same car.
while dozens of people still displaced in the woods behind the School of Philosophy Eastern Dawn, Padang Bulan, “said Matthew Murib, Vice Chairman of Komnas HAM in Papua, Thursday, October 20, 2011.
Commission on Human Rights (Komnas HAM) Papua deplored repressive approach to policing that dissolve congress and causing casualties. “The police did not use a persuasive approach and dialogue, deliberately chose the path of violence. President Yudhoyono should immediately open a space for dialogue on the Papuan people, “he said.
The Congress declared the Democratic State of West Papua. President of the transition period is the Chairman of the Papuan Customary Council, Forkorus Yeboisembut, and Prime Minis
ter Edison Waromi. Both the first person arrested by police after the closing of the Papuan People’s Congress III from 17 to October 19, 2011 in Padang Bulan, Abepura.
“Forkorus was hiding in the Franciscan Monastery. When the police closed the congressional arena, he fled with Dominukus Sirabut Guard troops and a few people of Papua. Police combed the area and got it. He was immediately beaten and dragged into the middle of the field congress, “said the witness, AR, a Franciscan monk at the Monastery.
In the field, cursed Forkorus police. Some time after that, he was raised to a police truck. “So, instead of going up the new car he was arrested, but Forkorus arrested while hiding in the Franciscan Monastery with some recluse who protect it. Police said it was the President of the Papua yes, you fool, “said another witness, AH.
Beating of the congress participants every few minutes after the closing ceremony at Soccer Field Zacchaeus. When the dancing and greet, police butting in and hit with a cane. “There is also a step on. I do not know the reason why the police came in and hit, “said Tonggap, Papuan activists.
Komnas HAM had long ago warned the police not to resort to violence in dissolving congress. “But still there’s a reason. This form of intent. Why not just from the first day of the raising of the Morning Star when they were arrested? Why wait until the last day until there are casualties? “Said Murib.
Santon Tekege, Pr
Candidate Priest Dioses of Timika Papua

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