Kamis, 29 Maret 2012

West Papua Collective on Campus: Film and Catherine Delahunty of University Victoriana Australia

West Papua Collective on Campus: film & Catherine Delahunty

West Papua Collective on Campus present: film screening & speaker Catherine Delahunty
Tuesday, 3 April 2012 4pm-5pm, Meeting Room SU218, Student Union Building, Victoria University of Wellington
Want to find out more about the struggle for self-determination in West Papua? Come along to a short film Witness: Pride of Warriors that will be followed by guest speaker Green MP Catherine Delahunty and a brief discussion.
West Papua is a Melanesian nation that was colonised by Indonesia in the late 1960s. While human rights abuses and widespread cultural repression are commonplace, the West Papuan struggle remains unknown by the majority of New Zealanders. West Papua Collective on Campus is a group formed in 2012 to raise awareness and support for these issues at the Victoria University of Wellington.
Catherine Delahunty is an active supporter of West Papuan self-determination. She recently helped establish the International Parliamentarians for West Papua group. Join us in discussing what we can do in Aotearoa to support this struggle.
Papua Merdeka!



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