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Papuans Protest Against Indonesian Military Aircraft in Vanuatu

Papuans protest against Indonesian military aircraft in Vanuatu

Updated 15 May 2012, 17:18 AEST
A group of West Papua independence activists are staging a demonstration at the main airport in Vanuatu against a visiting Indonesian military aircraft.
The aircraft is in Port Vila to deliver a consignment of military equipment for the Vanuatu police force under and arrangement made 2 years ago.
Vanuatu also hosts an office of the West Papuan freedom movement which has been struggling for independence from Indonesian rule.
Presenter: Sam Seke
Speaker: Arthur Coulton, Vanuatu's deputy police commissioner
COULTON: I have to say I received that information from our surveillance officers at the airport that they are picketing. I'm not sure whether it is organised or not but there are people out there picketing outside the VIP lounge on the arrival of the Indonesian military airplane, which arrived just a while ago.
SEKE: And what's that Indonesian military aircraft doing there?
COULTON: It is delivering goods for the Vanuatu police force, goods and equipment for the Vanuatu police force, which was arranged through the Ministry of Internal Affairs, I think that's the purpose of the military aircraft here in Port Vila. So it's delivering goods and logistics for the Vanuatu police force.
SEKE: So Vanuatu's got some sort of defence cooperation arrangement with Indonesia?
COULTON: No, there was an arrangement between the Vanuatu police force Police Commissioner way back in 2010 with the Indonesian authorities to supply items of police equipment. So I think that's the reason why the military aircraft is in Port Vila to deliver that logistic equipment.
SEKE: And who are these people picketing at the airport?
COULTON: I understand the people are from Irian Jaya, there are a couple of them in Port Vila, including their leader who has been living in Port Vila for quite a long time now, and I think they are the ones doing the picketing at the airport at the moment.
SEKE: And what about the locals, Ni-Vans, are they joining the demonstration as well?
COULTON: Well we have had a lot of support from the locals, many from Port Vila, but I'm not too sure whether the locals are with them as well, but I understand there are some people from Indonesia and other people at the airport at the moment.
SEKE: What's the demonstration like, is it peaceful or have there been disturbances?
COULTON: As far as I know with reports coming in right now the picketing has been very peaceful so far. But we cannot predict their next move up to this time.
SEKE: Do you know how long the aircraft is going to be in Port Vila?
COULTON: No I don't know how long it will be in Port Vila. I assume it will be here for the night and there will be people guarding the aircraft until tomorrow. But I'm not sure the exact period of the aircraft being in Port Vila.

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