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Great Military Operations, held in West Papua
Great Military Operations, held in West Papua (Photo Peter b)Jayapura, Onews,-- Military operations in West Papua,Papuan highlands glorious peakthe world is not what happened here mengethuiIndonesia banned the entry of human rights activists and journalists in the region of Papua,Indonesia will come to light as human rights violations inWest Papua.

Appropriate international treaties that Indonesia country is also bound by international lawbut why is the world letting people massacred by the military in Papua, Indonesiawithout controlwhether papua do not have a life like other human beings in the worldplease advocates of all sides to stop the genocide in West Papua by Indonesia for decades.

THIS IS GOING ON RIGHT NOW: - There is massive operation and searching West Papuan activist for independence since Thursday 21-02-2013 last week until now. Indonesian Military, Anti terrorist Unit Detachment 88 and Brimob Papua are ("panic") deployment of "forces" control the identities of Papuan, burning the houses, damage the civilian garden, torturing innocent civilian, raiding houses, day and night in Puncak Jaya region of Mulia. West Papua.

Intervention is expected the world to end the conflict in West Papua

Photo Peter bang: 
Great Military Operationsheld in Puncak Jaya - West Papua 

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