Senin, 22 Juli 2013


We Want To Determine Fate of Our Own!

When the Papuans and Papuans in the land by force input by the Indonesian state in the country of Indonesia in 1963, the Papuans should be used as animal hunted by the Indonesian state through his legs and past military PORLI given by the government of Indonesia over Papua.
Day after day, Indonesian efforts to eliminate child lives of the people of Papua Melanesian family continues waged by the Indonesian people in the land of Papua, the TNI continues PORLI sent by the Indonesian state more and more rampant in all corners of the land of Papua.
Even when the land was still in the frame Homeland Papua, thousands of Papuans who lost their lives on the muzzle of the weapon by the Indonesian state. Papuans who used mental number 815 000, is now increasingly less. Is Papuan tribe died because of the war? Is Papuans died of illness?
If the Papuan people who are dying because they panyakit infectious diseases such as malaria, HIV / AIDS, cholera. The question is, whether Accordingly disease existed long ago in indigenous Papuans from the first hereditary?
Of all the questions reviewed above and answer the questions above, then I can say that the people of Papua, Papuan people are in occupation of Indonesia.
There must ask ko can ya, Papua Indonesia is being colonized by the state? Oo, yes! Indeed, the Papuans are being colonized by the Indonesian state, which before the Papua has formed and declared a state on December 1, 1961.
Form of invaders who recently conducted by Indonesian nation is segaja events created by unscrupulous Indonesian nation through the military henchmen PORLI recently in Papua Nabire boxing match held at the time, in order to Regents Cup on 14 July 2013.
Actual, security, in this case POLICE, should be in place when the match occurred to anticipate and provide security during the match occurred, but it was not done at that time and that there are only 4 people that Civil Service Police Unit secures the game.
One proof of occupation undertaken by the Indonesian nation is Dogiyai Dengue, which previously deliberately one Person who accidentally unleash Police Made Business toggle which ultimately eliminates Dogiyai victims in the district.
It also embarked on the same Tambrauw, Sorong, which deliberately states allow death to occur without any obvious way in which, when an outbreak of cholera.
And many also occur in various polosok land of West Papua to Merauke sliding. For example, the case of Bloody Wamena. Also Wasior Bloody and Bloody Biak. All of these cases revealed no RI. This omission RI proof against human rights pelanggaan made his own.
True words, how thieves want to prosecute him? Likewise here, how RI judge himself who has many Papuan human rights violation?
We Papuan people do not want to continue living in the occupation of Indonesia, where our people every day can be a target shoot TNI. Where our daughters be raped every time bias. Where our father and mother being tortured and killed.
We the people of Papua want self-determination as an independent nation, West Papuans!
Deserius Goo, Papuan students, college in Yogyakarta.

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