Rabu, 21 Agustus 2013



The people of West Papua were among the first farmers in the world and in the highlands have been gardening their foods using incredibly sophisticated techniques including irrigation for over 9,000 years.

These gardens which decorate many of the hillsides of the new Guinea highlands are very intricate and skillful and used to grow crops such as sweet potato and taro, staples for many Melanesian and other Pacific people.

And yet the Indonesian government describes West Papuans as "primitive".
In a further attempt to starve West Papuans and to eradicate the intrinsic parts of Papuan culture, the Indonesian military regularly kills domestic pigs, burns these precious gardens and forces west Papuan people to grow the Indonesian staple of rice instead and to raise not pigs but Asian buffalo.

It is in ways such as this that the Indonesian military and government is slowly beginning to eradicate West Papuan livelihood, culture and way of life.

The Indonesian government is trying its hardest to turn West Papua into an Indonesian land.

How long will West Papuans be able to garden freely and live as Papuans whilst Indonesia continues to tear into their fields for multinational corporations and military posts?

The Indonesian occupation is trying to tear out the very heart of Papuan livelihood.

If West Papua is not independent soon, West Papua will no longer be a Papuan land.

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