Senin, 21 Juli 2014


Musicians help West Papua

Date, July 2, 2014: A diverse line-up of local musicians will be playing at The Wine Cellar and Whammy Bar on Friday in a show of solidarity with West Papua's struggle.
The concert will feature SJD, Mara TK, Tourettes, The Bads, Reb Fountain and Loud Ghost, among others.
West Papua is currently under control of the Indonesian government and the gig is hoping to raise awareness of the gross human rights violations the indigenous people have reportedly suffered there.
West Papua is an island province that shares the island of New Guinea with the people of independent Papua New Guinea.
"The West Papuan resistance is now largely a peaceful struggle; a David and Goliath contest in which our solidarity can help to tip the balance," NZ West Papua Solidarity activist Maire Leadbeater says.
"West Papuan people need international support to push for a peaceful dialogue with Indonesia."
The Melanesian island has a population of about 760,000 people.
"I didn't know West Papua existed until I got invited to play for its freedom," musician Reb Fountain says.
Funds raised from the show will go towards the expenses to bring West Papuan journalist and human rights advocate Victor Mambor to New Zealand.
Freedom for West Papua, The Wine Cellar St Kevins Arcade, July 4. Tickets are $15 on the door.

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