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Indonesia: What BMP Product NKRI Of Papua?
(A Two Idea Pro and Contra in Papua)

by Santon Tekege

On the way my observation, i am see that is BMP: Red-White Troup (Barisan Merah-Putih) in Indonesia a idiocy for person Papua. Because BMP only to happening special to at Papua. Temporary at region other, message inexistence about  BMP in all Indonesia. I am personally even also be big question for NKRI. BMP to happening get just for in island Papua. Now BMP widespread in all Papua with spread million rupiahs to member BMP. Even force upon people Papua to enter to be member BMP. I am to ask why BMP at defray direct by country passes Pangdam Paradise head TNI of Papua?
Temporary person Papua want to want referendum and want to separate from NKRI but now person Papua that enter in member BMP paid fund by NKRI. There happen democracy emptiness and movement space on all negative reality that is undergone by original person Papua. A truth on social reality, sometimes is not corrected and manipulated even hidden by law and Indonesia power in Papua. Sometimes fact is manipulated by Indonesia government personnel. Realita this happen because NKRI paid to hand long government has passed army Indonesia: TNI/POLICE Indonesia, BIN and member BMP in Papua.
They are that be member BMP original some people Papua. In human welfare struggle and earth Papua even also divided two idea. Here very Pro existence clear visible and Contra with KNPB. KNPB always say at public that must there referendum for Papua. Temporary BMP say emphatically that (PAPUA) enter NKRI ceremonially pass PEPERA 1969. In this two idea, want to want where original person Papua? If in the end Papua be held referendum, so clear there will happen murder between member Papua self. Original person Papua that enters in member BMP responsilibities all financing NKRI during the time. Otherwise responsibility so its change original person not sins at moment referendum or moment radical freedom of Papua. Who is wrong? Detail that country and member BMP guilty and break free wish as human before nation God Papua. Therefore, BMP better break up from land of Papua. So here BMP and KNPB in Papua necessary speak and sit with to finish this two ide problem between original person Papua. Don't procrastinate, when needed as soon as it finish this two idea so that society Papua calm alive and peace without two idea under the land Papua. KNPB don't averse DIALOG but refuse emphatically to BMP very smash original person Papua now and then day.
Action demontrasi today, 2 Augusts 2011 clear very visible pro and contra between BMP and KNPB in the action. There that say: Why KNPB ask referendum? KNPB not know that Papua official enter NKRI since pepera 1969. After i look for that statement meaning, obvious one who say that one of  member BMP. Argument clear so visible that two idea existence between BMP and KNPB in demonstration KNPB in Papua today.
If to ask: Why BMP in Papua? Here will appear existence reason BMP in Papua. Because NKRI want to want so that happen original person two idea Papua in liberation struggle for original person Papua. Expressly made so that assorted in social reality concern focus and radical freedom by original person  in Papua. Because fasilitation country, so truth and justice even peace sometimes manipulated by Indonesia government personnel in Papua.
BMP formed when does society Papua voice about "Independence" apart from NKRI. Devil blind heart and think a part society Papua in this time. Class criminal high is growing to pass BMP. World criminal widespread in all Papua is passing abettor NKRI. Democracy space has been limitted by NKRI pass police country personnel/Police and TNI. Country has broken level and human dignity under the land of Papua. Because fact is showing that society Papua is experiencing limitation democracy space and freedom united. Even NKRI break society Papua with BMP and unfoldment in Papua. There BMP say that Papua ceremonially enter of NKRI and NKRI fixed price passes PEPERA 1969. Temporary society Papua admit that Pepera engineer result and many menipulation by army Indonesia and police Indonesia moment Pepera 1969 in Papua. Society Papua admit that when Pepera that army Indonesia (TNI) and government personnel (POLRI) has done violence action: Threatened with with weapon, Trained language: Permanent joint forces with Indonesia final because fear 1025 person original Papua from various regions that chosen that is permanent has defended to joint forces with Indonesia.
Here happen freedom space restriction and democracy so that society see this matter as Human Right (HAM) infringement centre  in Papua. fact in this time even also we can see in all Papua. Here very attractive for example: 1 july every year society Papua always seberation the day as the independence history as a nation that grabed by NKRI pass victimization and class victimization high by Indonesia. In year this, society wants to celebrate worship celebration hut according together at burial Theis at Sentani. Doesn't hold action and assault public of NKRI this. But activists and civil society is caught. Final army Indonesia (TNI)  and police Indonesia (POLRI) has limitted celebration programme with at burial Theis at Sentani. Here appear question: Indonesia: Where is freedom space and democracy under in land Papua?
Now finally from BMP in Papua can happen solution between original person Papua. Original person Papua is two entrenchments. Entrenchment one pro NKRI (BMP) and other entrenchment contra NKRI (KNRI). I am personally very less clear with two this entrenchments. Is second this entrenchment inspire the humanity value under in the land Papua? Who is actually second this entrenchment? Is second this entrenchment ponder self as existing? NKRI pass army Indonesia (TNI) and police Indonesia (POLRI) in Papua and as a original Papua: See and aware selp "existing not not"  and your children at future under in the land Papua this.
Member BMP if you as a original Papua: Moment it to return to road that determined by God we. See and aware selp as original person human Papua. You a dusky skin great grand father router and curl hair. Don't two ideas, also don't branch off heart even don't wolf for original person Papua vs one who guiltless. Original person Papua one not two. Not also different complexion. Now BMP of Papua and member Papua that branch off heart and idea returns to true road, fair and peace, return in god our God passes to regret radical not half.
I say that target ends that want achieved by NKRI pass personnel Army Indonesia (TNI) and police Indonesia (POLRI) even pass BMP murder and original person annihilation Papua from earth Papua this. Abattoir for one who contra with NKRI. I think that land Papua land that blessed by God and land peace , so necessary averse all original person smash devil crime Papua. Original person Papua in this time the important to says not if matter on the market less good and oppose against God wish. Original person Papua moment it for ally returns and oppose and act true, fair and peace on all crime that made by Indonesia government personnel in Papua. Finishly formation BMP in Papua official made by Indonesia country passes head army area Papua Paradice (Pangdam TNI) and police Indonesia in Papua by broken slit people Papua not sin and wrong all at once limit freedom space and democracy of Papua. All Indonesia plan passes army Indonesia (TNI)/Police Indonesia (POLRI) and BMP very danger and problem or violence conflict even also will increase also so that anxiety and original person solicitude Papua even also more increases under the land of Papua. Here very supposed so that person lives in peacefulness atmosphere and bonviolence between human with human. BMP soon be stopped from all activity later will harm original person Papua self. Person Papua bonmember BMP very averse emphatically from earth Papua this. There is no Pro word and Contra but wanted mutual appreciate level and status as human appropriate the existence and truth on realita social under the land of Papua.

Author: Human Right Activist in STFT-Fajar Timur Abepura-PAPUA-INDONESIA

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