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Marthen Agapa is an activist and humanitarian Pro independence from the Parliament of the streets (Parjal) in the town of Jayapura. He was a brave fighter for Justice and in the land of Papua. He also served as the defender of peace in the land of Papua. A child is always shows a face Papua customary kepapuaan through various activities. Activities that he lives is shoe repair, livestock and chicken traders other than as an activist in Papua.

A variety of expression is as far as I have, then I would speak to justice. Other expressions that the revolutionary attitude is my life. Next up is the expression of life would mean if I am with the kids on the streets. These expressions became the inspiration and motivation in the fight he won the dream of Justice fully in this country.

I think that he is a character that is played behind the scenes for the sake of Justice in this country. He ought to be appreciated as a communicative and can compromise in struggle. He was always leading the meetings, gatherings, leading demonstrations and hold open discussions and closed. However on his way he was experiencing challenges with him because it was hit by an unidentified person so broken hand bone. But a few months later to be quickly recovered and its activity back as usual. With a word IF the STORM HIT, then I BANISH the STORM with an ATTITUDE of PATIENCE by the PEARL'S LOVE for the LAND GRAB.

This Word as a spear to be present in discussions and seminars among Parjal organs and other organs including the other factions in Papua. His face was present and there was a last meeting in Seminary about "EXPANSION in LAND of PAPUA" (A challenge to the existence of Orang Asli Papua in the Era of Otsus) in the Hall of St. Yoseph STFT-Fajar Timur of Abepura, June 6, 2012. In the seminar and subsequent discussions he did not show his face on the campus of the new Jerusalem. So any discussions and seminars in other places he has not seen the face of ketampangan. Ketampangan in discussion and seminaries always just show up the critical questions and criticism with reasonable social analysis. But these last few months have not been seen since his health problems.

In the end, 8 February 2013 11.00 noon there were that he had been called by God. He breathed the breath of life and the beginning of the last living with him at the Abepura hospital in Papua. God has picked it up and it is he who dictates the end of human life. It was he who sent him and now he is back in your sight. Accept he is on the right side of thee, o God the father in heaven. We walked him with sad and hope that You accept his soul from him. Amen!!
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