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RELIVING the CASE March 16, 2006; VIOLENCE IN PAPUA; Engineering Security Apparatus and Ruling, since March 16, 2013


RELIVING the CASE March 16, 2006;
VIOLENCE IN PAPUA; Engineering Security Apparatus and Ruling

Press Release.
Is unjustifiable and unacceptable the various conflicts that have been engineered and is being played by Country Indonesia and its allies through the systems in the land of Papua. There are two forms of engineering, i.e. positive and negative engineering engineering. Country Indonesia and its allies have long used negative engineering in the land of Papua just to achieve a purely political and economic interests.
First and foremost political engineering conducted a country Indonesia and its allies after the annexation of the sovereignty of the people of Papua into the Nation United Republic Indonesia (NKRI) is succesfully without any proprietary rights approved by the owner of the rights to unalienated doing MoU between RI and the us about the opening of PT Freeport Mines in Timika-Papua Barat in 1967. The dirty politics of State Engineering Indonesia was supported by United States Government with an economic interest base. MoU was signed are illegal in order to win the mewudkan efforts of NKRI Act of free choice, held in 1969. Starting from that time, West Papua has been used as an Arena of engineering cases. Engineering cases in Papua Land next to this point is just to defend Papua into the NKRI and engineering in order to defend the economic interests of targets; Meanwhile, Papua unappreciated man her dignity.
Various hardness no tip base settlement have long flourished in the land of Papua. This shows that the Government of Indonesia is unable to ensure the safety of the people of Papua into the NKRI. That inability is reflected in numerous violence for the sake of violence that are engineered in such a way by country Indonesia through systems that are supported by the allies. From the beginning the land of Papua was captured with reverse (manipulative), then the steps taken by INDONESIA to defend the land of Papua in the NKRI with various forms of engineering (manipulative) anyway. Papuan folk already know and be aware of since the beginning of RI land grab that Papua Barat and Indonesia is indeed different. The difference appears in view of ideological, socio-cultural, geographical location, etc. Very unlikely non-simultaneously in various it unified under the frame of the NKRI. Engineering for engineering (manipulative) it does not break the fighting spirit of the people of Papua to full sovereign.
To this end, the Government of Indonesia does not recognize that the case by case that engineering is applied in land of Papua was precisely to grow the Papuan Nationalism, uplifting liberation of peoples of Papua struggle from a variety of tyrannical oppression of RI and his allies who have long flourished in the land of Papua. Indonesia is not intropeksi myself that when Indonesia faced colonization of Colonial Countries also experienced similar things. Indonesia is now implementing engineering forms (manipulative) the colonial relic that is in the land of Papua. And indeed the State of Indonesia most smart her teacher (the colonies) in the reverse case by case in the land of Papua. Through engineering cases that Indonesia can fool the colonial countries that teach dirty engineering forms. The countries in the world can be fooled from cases of Engineering (manipulative) who have been and are being carried out in the land of Papua of INDONESIA.
Now Indonesia Country exceeds the teacher (the colonials) in terms of case by case engineering to stifle the movement of struggle the nation of Papua. Ironic indeed that new students learn theory and practice of Engineering (manipulative) from the teacher, the most deceptively shrewd in INDONESIA until the teacher (the colonial countries) really duped and lulled by the cunning of his disciples (the State of Indonesia). One of the cases the State Engineering Indonesia is a case of a clash between police and the mass of the people of Papua Barat on 16 March 2006 in front of Cenderawasih University in Abepura-Jayapura — Papua. The following recognition of a member of the police about the case, March 16, 2006: you guys are actually innocent, Genesis authority yesterday Indonesia's playing, but you are living alone, according to a police statement Obeth the Epa on March 17, 2006 at the Home of State Prison Cells (RUTAN) Papua Police. Obeth Epa recognition is delivered when it was under threat, intimidation, humiliation and brutal torture by the police in Papua Police PRISON Cells. Then Obeth Epa also detained in Police cells, PRISONS for committing breach of Papua ' wrong target shooting where a shot using his gun was about a mother (wife of a member of the police) when Brimob and Police moved toward Dalmas toward mass to disperse the mass action for peace by force.
Based on the recognition of the policemen, the human rights activist trying to dig up more information about the actors behind the events of March 16, 2006 clash. From the results of the investigation of the various parties conclude that clash, March 16, 2006 are old songs are sung again by the accomplice to reach the four Lords interests, namely: 1) To quell peaceful demonstrations that extends and echoed in the countries of the world with the central demands for PT Freeport Indonesia: close in Timika of Papua-; and the u.s., Indonesia and Papua Barat held a dialogue or negotiations; 2) On behalf of the parties involved directly and indirectly to quell demonstrations that get rewarded or retribution, among others in the form of money; 3) To raise the rank and title of the Indonesia authorities involved in peaceful demonstrations that dampen widespread and echoed it; 4) To build a motion of no confidence and the struggle of peoples liberation movement for West Papua.
The interests of Indonesia's fourth and its allies actually materialize at that time. But specifically to point the country was defended by four failed because Indonesia Papua nation struggle with the tragedy not buried 16 March 2006 and above the ruins of the form movement of West Papua that young activists relentlessness. Most of the students struck back, now they've spread to various parts of the world to continue the rescue missions of Papua.
Originally a country Indonesia managed to build a motion of no confidence, but after unpacking the game is reversed and the case is RI it campaigned to various corners of the world, the international community is pressing Jakarta to change the status of a case that originally were herded into a pure criminal become political prisoners. The proof in March 2007 groups of PARLIAMENT led the prisoners Hutasoit came to see politics in Abepura Penitentiary. Hutosoit says: you guys have now become political prisoners, not criminals and prisoners now you guys become International artists, said RI's politicians. This proves that the truth was not invincible, but in the end the truth coming out as the final winner. Similarly, country Indonesia has such a long time trying to stifle people's struggle movement in Papua, but at the right time according to God's truth that will come out as the final winner. The book scientific study Prof. Dr. Drooglever about the history of Papua has opened the curtain of long-buried truth, as well as other historical books written by Papuans as well as other researchers have opened the road to total freedom for the people of Papua. And either happy or not happy, either like it or don't like Country Indonesia has to accept the fact that that's going to happen when the victory bell rang, then that truth at that moment anyway on all forms of violence and the RI engineering allies in the land of Papua will end. Republic Indonesia (RI) and his allies please plant engineering case by case on the grounds of Papua, but RI will harvest the results in due course. Depending on the State of Indonesia, would continue to create a case by case engineering to maintain for Papua which will be fully sovereign, or Country Indonesia recognized the independence of the sovereignty of the nation of Papua and set up a transitional Government from its administrative NKRI rule to Negara Federal Republic Papua Barat (NFRPB) as a dignified, as well as the subsequent cooperation between the two peoples and the two countries mutually beneficial equivalent? The choice back to the country of Indonesia.

Based on the description of the case by case engineering up to the present, then on Memorial Day the tragedy of March 16, the seventh (March 16, 2006-March 16, 2013), on behalf of the victims of injustice, we Front PEPERA Papua Barat stated and calling for unequivocally that:
1. Country of Indonesia and its allies STOP and STOP engineering case by case in the land of Papua just to achieve a purely political and economic interests.
2. The international community never to believe in and fooled with the later black by Indonesia through State systems to build a motion of no confidence against the nation's liberation struggle in Papua Movement, because it engineering (manipulative) Indonesia to extend the country's oppression for the Papuan indigenious and accelerate the destruction of ethnic Melanesians in Land of Papua.
3. For the families of the victims, especially the families of the victims of the 3 members of the Brimob and TNI AU 1 (Army Indonesi) members sacrificed by Indonesia to reach the country's economic and political interests, we urge immediately give compensation fee every month and the cost of education for children who are the responsibility of the Government's abandonment of Indonesia and PT Freeport Indonesia.
4. The Rector or President at public and private Colleges in Jayapura to immediately accept the returned students who have drop out of College due to the tragedy of March 16, 2006.
5. To end the prolonged conflict in land of Papua, INDONESIA and countries in the world as well as the UNITED NATIONS take immediate steps to resolve the conflict through dialogue in Papua, which is mediated by an independent third party on the basis of international standards.
Such statement was made to look for and follow up by the parties related to the rescue of the people of Papua from extinction.

Abepura Prison: Saturday, March 16, 2013

"The Union Without Borders Struggle To Win".

Selpius A. Bobii
(Chairman Front PEPERA PB, Also Of West Papua Political Prisoner)

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