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INDONESIA: Where in Government Concern for TAPOL/NAPOL in Papua?

INDONESIA: Where is Government Concern for TAPOL/NAPOL in Papua?
(A be Tree Ketapan Transit Bobaigo Timika-Papua)

by: Fr. Santon Tekege

All life realities in land Papua visible in this time effect by Indonesia country importance and capitalists in scratch batural resources Papua. Desire pornographic this importance always happens set back between both. Finally, many victims and catching arbitrarily and get stigma assault and separatist from apparatus side moment people Papua bawl to ask the right. Indonesia government and government Provinsi Papua be blind and there is no concern towards society situation Papua, more especially political detainee: TAPOL (policies arrest) and NAPOL (policies prisoner) which during the time shouting people destiny Papua. They let the people is victim impressing not has father and mother. At where does Indonesia government concern and government Provinsi Papua for political detainee: TAPOL/NAPOL in Papua?

Spirit transformatif can may be human can free self from all repression form kind not merely Indonesia government property or government Provinsi Papua self, certain official, kalapas and churches (religion group) but property every person who hanker after Justices, Peace and Creation Wholeness under the sun this.

There of opinion that is political detainee: TAPOL/NAPOL people who submits in destiny, they not again has spirit to struggle, doesn't realize right and the duty as arrest. They are let, scorned to abuse, spit even blowed up to there that fall ill month’s even years’s without supervision and attention from side when.

Struggle political detainee TAPOL/NAPOL doesn't struggle just for self or by ownself value but struggle whom they do to demand Justice and also want to end repression to achieve a exemption situation bading that undergone and feeled by worlds many people especially in Papua.

All always end in beating at their side is because they don't have strong opposition strategy, leader charismatis, organization that struggle tool with doesn't dominate technology progress. But not such the things of with alive implementing of whom they experience during reside in in arrest.
Their condition is very saddens because in institution society that them get many pressures, they are not given movement space, freedom, democracy, support to action’s even when fall ill, political detainee: TAPOL/NAPOL always let to like a child impressing doesn't has parents.
          KALAPAS and also government Provinsi Papua aware from not aware 'strange that let occupant LAPAS suffer and misery such as those which being undergone by father Fileph Karma, Ferdinand pakage and Yusak pakage and kith other existing institution society (LAPAS) in all Indonesis from society Papua.

If really such, how far involvement with Indonesia government participation and government Provinsi Papua to unburden physical pressure and way of thinking that undergone by political detainee: TAPOL/NAPOL this?
Author doesn't aim so that government more pay attention what be concern and importance with enableness for institution occupant society also aparatur government that have a duty in it. Not such the things of with goods supplying that wanted by that government institution. Also doesn't intend so that fund Special Autonomy: Otonomi Khusus (Otsus) this given to arrests and arrest operators exist in Papua. But that need in this time self existence as political detainee:TAPOL/NAPOL it self very hankerred after and necessary to lifted to public so that they feel self is treated as human. They also the importance of are treated as which existence. Remember that at world all law and that rule, never guarantee welfare and freedom for itself human existence.

Legal consequences and rule exist in that Indonesia, many Indonesia peoples that experience injustice, repression and many peoples Papua given stigma as separatist TPN/OPM or assault such as those which undergone by political detainee:TAPOL/NAPOL to melanggeng violence that done security apparatus during Papua to integration with Indonesia. Indonesia member always experience suffering.
Wauuuu.., Indonesia government at where does conscience and your feeling towards your people, especially political detainee: TAPOL/NAPOL that present to turned iron bars in Papua? At where is law and rule that can resque human, in this case political detainee: TAPOL/NAPOL in all Papua?
Final author thinks that political detainee:TAPOL/NAPOL that caught by security apparatus and given stigma TPN/OPM with hitted assault paragraph by lawyer even prisoned end the alive by Indonesia government and Papua only a process pornographic that done for the benefit of economy and policies returns between elite policies at both parties as a mean to watch over wholeness and law at country not human this.
With a purpose to that, many people Papua that so to suffer and even be victim above the land self in Papua.

In a condition like this, majority student university activist begins the heart gestures to voice “wene" with the meaning news or voice from east inclination, light for all person especially for weak class and poor. Weak class every person who have been humiliated that ignored levels and the dignity as human, every person who not can to send out light truth lights, justice and peace even affection because various shackle and restriction by by that law and rule not bring welfare for human in Indonesia especially at Papua.

Just because struggle by weak class and poor this, many activists Papua snare in law snare and disgusting rule and less human. Also undergone by political detainee:TAPOL/NAPOL in Papua same thing. They are caught by weak class and poor.

They are struggle by value with that is truth, Justice and Peace even itself affection. They battle for humanity existence in Papua. But that struggle, always face to face with desire pornographic importance between class elite local policies Papua with Jakarta only wants to scratch wealth Papua without by custom society Papua alive at on it. Finally many societies Papua experience suffering, repression and violence, injustice, marginalisasi and murder that still still going on.

Democracy space restriction and freedom to expretion with gift stigma TPN/OPM or hitted assault paragraph. On that account, the importance of look for exit and solution both for society Papua. Besides, necessary adan concern from all sides to all political detainee: TAPOL/NAPOL in all land Papua so that they can get to return the existence as human at the land self of Papua.

Writter is Activist Papua from Dioses Timika-Papua- Indonesia.

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